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Sorry it's been so long

Hey everyone haven't been on here trying to calm my anxiety .... Well I ended up having the scope and dilation. Well it tore and I couldn't eat for 2 more months in may I stated eating again not like normal but close enough to gain all but 10 lbs of my weight back then in July I got really sick from a infected tooth so I haven't eaten anything solid sence July 27. I have been drinking ensure 7 to 8 times aday and if I have good days I can get some very soft foods like mashed potatoes some chicken broth . But most days it's ensure . I kind of feel like it may be 50% anxiety and 50% my throat anxiety because I am so worryed bout it getting stuck. And then the fact that my throat hurts and burns all the time I am sooooo over all this I have gotten pretty good with the panic attacks I had a bad one last week but I can calm down most days with out having to go to the er

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Happy to hear you can least calm down your panic attacks now hope you start to feel better soon hugs to you I'm here if you want to talk


Thank u so much I haven't been on here in so long I felt it was easier while I was going thru the worst part on the anxiety to not read other anxiety cases or I would start feeling what I would read if that makes any sense thank u


I understand that's me too. Keep up the good work.


Thank u I will and keep in touch

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Please keep me updated i will pray for u


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