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Advice needed for confused me :)

Hi all, As you may or may not know, I have now been fortunate enough to get a appointment with the mental health team who will assess me and decide which help to offer me to go along side my cbt x This is a bonus as I feel finally I may be getting somewhere x My app isn't for a week so I have plenty of time to think of what I need to say x The thing is it,s a man coming he is the only one who can, and I get pretty flustered with new people and never seem to get my point across. More so men!!

My sons health visitor who has been a great help the last few weeks listening to me moan and helping me get help, has suggested I write down all of what is in my head. The problem is where do I start? The advice I need is, Would you start with what you think triggered the anxiety? When the first panic attack was? All of my horrid past in full or part? You get the picture Im confused as I don't want to go to far and have them read a bloody novel but I need to make sense x Thank you xx Donna x

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Maybe if you bullet point the main issues, rather than write a long piece then it won't seem like a novel, (haha), but will remind you of the points that you want to tell this person.. I think they need to know so they can help you and this could be a shorter way to do it. Good luck. Julie xx


Hi Jeffju x Good thinking x I feel I have a lot to say, but as you may say bullet points may be the short sharp impact needed. Ty x Donna x


I think Julie is spot on here , the main issues & then I am sure when you get talking they will ask you to elaborate on them

I bit like a book but just the title to each chapter :-)




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Hi and ty Whywhy x Never thought of bullet points, my prob is I tend to over explain, so bullet points may reduce this. :) I like the chapter of the book thing to. :) Ty xx Donna x


Hi Donna, getting an assessment, that's good news :)

I think Julie's suggestion is an excellent one, if you can just write down a few words as a reminder for each main point that should be enough.

Dd had her assessment with camhs not long back, not sure how similar it will be, but he mainly asked what she struggles with & how does it affect her, ie. what can't she do. It was mostly lead by his questions.

Do you know how long the appt will last? Might be useful to find out as that gives you some idea how in-depth your replies can be.

Also, is there someone close to you who could sit with you? It can be useful just in case you forget something.

And lastly, remember to think of your worst days when replying. Resources are limited & if they think you are managing you may find you're not offered anything.

Hope that helps & good luck



Hi Thompson, again some valid points made x ty:) . It seems Julies suggestion is the winning formula here.

Its good dd got her assessment x I would imagine they are maybe similar as camhs is mental health. I have dealt with them in the past for my son:). I was told that this is a assessment that takes up to a hour, so maybe it will be lead by his question, but then if I have the answers to hand Im ahead of myself in a good way.

I have to go it alone on this occasion and they need to hear my answers without me being under pressure or maybe influence from others. There will be a lady present as a observer as its in my home.

I will write them all down based on worst day scenario. Ty it was a help :) xx Donna


Hi Donna

Yes would definately advise bullet points for your main concerns, I did this when I went for my first session on monday and although I didn't need to refer much to the list it made sure I got my points across and helped me to ensure I got to the session. If you get upset during the session you can always give the person a copy of the list. Writing thd list will slso give you some structure to explaining your issues.

I found it really useful speaking to the mental health nurse, I hope you do too.

Jules :)


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