Finding it very difficult to deal with severe anxiety...One day at a time is all I can deal with

I am been ill for some time with severe anxiety but do not know where to go for help.I seem to have been pushed from pillar to post.I spent three days in hospital voluntarily, but all they want to do is medicate people up to the eyeballs which made me feel worse..There does not seem to be any therapy anywhere which is what I need.I dread each day waking up and trying to deal with it.It has wrecked my life and I do not know what triggered off the hell I am in..I feel so ill every single day...Dizzy and off balance..tummy troubles,shaking.etc etc. You name it,I,ve got it.My quality of life is zilch.I would not wish this on my worst enemy...So glad I found this support site


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  • Hi Tudor,

    Hugs dear. I think we all know what its like to be gripped by anxiety. And the helpless feeling that comes with being unable to control it. I do agree that sometimes medication isn't always the best solution, and its terrible if the hospital you went to thinks its a cure-all for anyone with anxiety.

    Keep posting here whenever you feel helps a little to get things off your chest sometimes, and reduces the anxiety.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.

  • Hi Tudor, wow are you sure you have,nt been before that,s a great post for the first time well done x My first time I was so panicky about what people would think I rushed and ranted all in one x First step is to see your gp and then go from there, sometimes meds may be needed, other times simply talking it through will help. There are lots of options which i am sure your doctor will advise you on.

    as for the rest it can only be one day at a time, and then there will be a day when we look back and realise we are so much better than we where x I think we all wonder what triggers the hell,sometimes there is no answer, but once we are down we can only go up:) x

  • Thank you for your kind support.Just to add to my previous post....I have been to the doctor and all they do is give me repeat prescriptions..Admits there is not enough done for people like us..I am also crying everyday because I am so fed up with it all.The tears come at any time..Day or night. I am up every night due to night sweats and cannot remember when I had a good nights sleep...My family seem to be the only support I have as well as this site now.I cannot be on my own as I feel so ill with it so I spend the days with my daughters who come and collect me early in the morning and they bring me back in time for my husband getting back from work because I cannot drive my car any more..I am so immobilised by the dreadful anxiety that I have to walk with a stick sometimes.. The smell of cooking makes me feel nauseous and my appetite is not good because I cannot stand the following day with tummy troubles..I feel so tired and totally exhausted that I go to bed early after a shower because my husband is here and looks after me in the evenings .I cannot wait for weekends to come as I know he will be home and I can thankfully rest in bed .My marital life has gone to nothing so I am grateful for a loving husband who does all he can to help me..I do not know what I would do without him with this terrible time I am going through..I cannot work so that is a worry as money is tight and I cannot claim benefits as my husband works.I have gone from someone who used to work full time and be the person who did everything and helped my daughters with their children to a shadow of the person I once was..It is utter hell....When I get up in the morning,I get a shower before my husband goes to work before 7.00 in case I take really bad with these awful palpitations and pains in my chest and have to go to the A & E hospital and could not bear to be unclean if I went there...Ended up over there a few times with this and they all say it is anxiety .My whole world has turned upside down with this dreadful illness and I want to get well so much...

  • hi tudor, so tough reading your post you are certainly going thru the mill, but you have a great hubby & family, have you asked the doctor if you could see a professional in anxiety/depression? my wife has a lot of your symptoms and were getting fobbed off with meds , we asked dr if we could see a psychiatrist/psychologist wich he did ( after a few months ) he has made a difference tho , being able to tailor certain meds to her condition, please keep pestering him. best of luck. take care & keep posting. xx

  • Hi Tudor I am sorry you feel so low it is an awful place to be, but with the right help you should start to feel better. I agree with Newton's post you need to talk to a professional. I have had Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and it really helped me see things in a different way. Also talking to someone really helps. Don't despair things will get better. Ask your doctor to refer you to a psychologist.

  • I have seen different phychiatrists at the clinic who gave me different medication that I was going to but not a psychologist.which is maybe what is needed.The clinic told me to change my doctor as I lived too far from them and they would send all my paperwork to the new people in my area and I did and am waiting to see a new person which is taking weeks..I had another message yesterday asking me to tell my new doctor to send a referral letter which he did weeks ago..I seem to be going round the houses with these people..One tells me to do one thing etc etc..The new people cannot see me until a transfer of care has taken place..If I had not rung the new people yesterday to see if my appointment was on its way I would not have known that...I just feel so let down...

  • hi tudor,I understand your feelings,as I live one day at a time too,tried to get onto a/ds but can just manage to day three,as I have med phobia,only thing that helps me is xanax,now I know,what the dr thinks of these,but I take them because otherwise,I wouldn't get up in the morning,wouldn't eat,couldn't walk,anxious all the time,now i'm not telling you to take these,i'm just letting you know what helped ME,I also did cbt for a year,and I found it great,my councillor didn't agree with a/ds for anxiety,said they only mask the problem,some people really need them,but they'er not for me.I can only say you will get great support on here,I would highly recommend a phychologist, they'er the only ones who understands our anxiety,without making us into zombies,please keep posting and let us know how your getting Miarose xxxxx,

  • This morning I felt not too bad but as I sit here and write I feel so nauseous and I am crying and unwell and feel like I am going to go down on the floor if I get up from the chair..My husband has gone to do the shopping and he will not be long but I think it is because I am on my own..I find each day such an ordeal to get through because of this awful hell called anxiety..Thanks for all your kind support to me..

  • Hi Hun I'm the same I have panic attacks every day of the week it's horrible. I'm under cbt and mental health at hospital

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