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What's the best herbal rem to take when anxiety is bad at night time?


Hello just seeing if anyone would be able to give me advice? I'm suffering with anxiety pretty much every day now. I seem to over think and over worry over the little of bits, however it hits me the most at bed time?! I seem to get all up tight , shaking, over thinking. And feeling very cold. I have told my doctor but got given antit depressants but Im not keen on taking them. Does anyone know what the best thing to do is. I do find it really hard time as I feel such a burden on them all.

Amy :)

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Try talking to your doctor- you should be comfortable taking medication, it shouldn't make you more anxious. You could try taking a herbal sleeping tablet to help you sleep (I know my anxiety keeps me awake @ night) or get proper sleeping tablets from your doctor.

Thank you I did and got given an anti depressant. I have been going through a stressful time atm but I don't like reading about the side effects but I am going to go back and ask for info what I can. Thank you.

You don't realuse how common this problem is.......I bet you are a very careing person...it doesn't seem to happen to peopke who are self centred or those who don't have much imagination.

It's like your brain goes into overdrive, just as you want to sleep and the more you worry about not being able to sleep the worse it gets.

If you read, I would suggest reading for a while, as soon as you get drowsy put the book down, maybe just think a little about it and nod off.

The last thing you want to be thinking about is personal stuff !!!

If you ask your doctor he may prescribe a low dose of Lyrica, it's fir general anxiety disorder (GAD) and helps you relax so that you can sleep.

I don't think anti depressants is the answer.

If you can sleep you will be able to cope with the other stuff !

Just try the lowest dose an hour before you want to sleep.

Good luck.

Have you tried magnesium? I have been told a dosage of 1000mg per day is a great help to anxiety and depression. Maybe worth a go. Wishing you well

Hello Amy try chamomile relaxing tea it relaxes you and it makes you sleep just drink it and hour before bed time it works just let me know just be calm and relax

Yes chamomile tea is very good. That is what I drink when I feel very anxious. I drink it very concentrated and without sugar. I hope it helps.

Ps. I would really recommend you to see a doctor so you can get a treatment for it too. Good luck.

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