How are we all today?

I had a good sleep (with help of a pill) which is great for me as night before was horrendous. Feeling slightly anxious today but I think it's under control.

I have lots going on at the moment but I'm trying my best not to focus on it and just to get on with things. Don't know if that's what I should be doing or face it head on. Wish I had a guide which says what's right and wrong, Do this and don't do that. Not that easy though is it!

Hoping you're all ok and having a good morning x


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8 Replies

  • Good morning Looloo, I have the underlying anxious feeling to this morning.i think mine just stems back from yesterday. I seem to be struggling to get dressed this morning I just cannot be bothered! Although I am starting to feel chilly!!!

    I seem to have developed an elevensies routine with my son! So I have to get off the settee and sort him out xxxxx

  • Morning winter :-)

    Yes that underlying feeling is a pain

    isn't it. We are having a lazy morning in this house, all still in pj's ;-) sometimes it has to be done!

    Hope you have a good day xx

  • Good morning looloo

    Glad to hear you got a good nights sleep , even if it was with help it still makes a difference . When your meds kick in the anxious feeling will subside and hopefully you will feel a lot better.

  • Hi Kenny how are you today?

    I was too frightened to try sleep again so gp gave me pills. Just enough whilst they kick in. I had no bad thoughts it was great.

    Hope you have good day :-)

  • Evening Loo

    Bit late here , but better late than never

    Not the best of days feeling rough with infection , but up & on wards ;)

    Great to see you settling in so well

    Hope you have had a good day




  • Definitely better late than never whywhy :-)

    Sorry your still unwell with infection. Must be getting on top of you. Times a healer I suppose.

    Had a strange day, meds def kicking in and I'm getting some strange feelings. But I'm telling myself it's the meds.

    Really hope you start to feel better soon and you have a good night xx

  • Hi Loo

    You might get strange feelings but keep doing what you are doing & just go with them , as things adjust I am sure they will go away

    You are doing so flipping well , I am really proud of you & treat yourself , maybe just a bar of chocolate , what ever you like , because you deserve it ;)


  • Thank you so much whywhy xxx

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