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Why do I let people annoy me ??

Hi all, how are we all? Hope your all having semi good if not great day x

My day has been sorta good, I gave my 5 year old his insulin jab for the first time ever, so i am very proud of myself :) xx

But on the other scale I am annoyed. I let people walk all over me and Im so stressed about it. I get so frustrated its unbelievable. Take me so called friend, the one who annoyed me with the phone the other day, Sorry could,nt ring when you needed me my 3 button on the phone was broke, but i have no 3 in my number one x I borrowed her my brand new carpet cleaner a year n half ago, and since have asked for its return numerous times, but Im still waiting , when i did say I really needed it, she admitted she is worried it may be broken and cannot afford to replace

it, like i can ! She is also a sod for asking us to get her things online etc and promising to pay for them and never doing it x I must be a mug. She cannot afford it, so I give in and say later and then like today she goes to the pub x

And then today, the council are doing up the empty house next door, and have taken away a section of fence between my garden and the house they doing and replaced it, however rather than keep it in line they have taken it into the other garden by a foot, so i now have a lovely straight fence bar one section. And under that section is a big drain which is all broken and now in my garden!! not happy at all, so stressed about it as its a eyesore x I rang and had a go at them and demanded it be fixed, so if i can do this with them why can I not do it with the bloody friend.

Anyway that's it for now lol x more may crop up xx Donna x

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Hi Donver

Good title , have asked myself the same many times the same but believe me you do get stronger in the end !

As for your friend I think it may be time to do it now as this wont help your anxiety & you come first

If it was me I would start saying you hadnt got the cash any more to put up front , you are having to tighten your belts , just like most are at the moment & that you are happy to keep ordering things but you will need the money up front in future !

If she doesnt like it , she wasnt a friend & you have lost nothing !

Well done giving your son his injection :-)





Hi, and ty whyhwy x he was such a star, at 5 year old he was explaining to me how to do it as if I was the child lol, and then he said after "well done mummy im very proud" x he is a clever little bugger, maybe he will be a therapist when older lol.

The friend, pft is the expression of choice, I know i have to say no, but I do it as I like to help as and when I can, thing is as you say we are all tightening our belts nowadays, the hubby gets annoyed as he says if she cannot even pay back the odd few quid, how to expect to get bigger amounts back, and he is right . I sometimes think its easier not to have some people as friends and maybe this is one of them cases x

Love donna x


Sorry Donver but this definitely sounds like this is one of those cases. Friends are supposed to support each other not sponge and take advantage. Times are hard and you need to say 'no'


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