how long do i wait

Hi all, back again, well its now 9 month since i started with my anxiety and i can honestly say im in a worse position now than when i started:( i,ve on the verge of just giving up and accepting i ain't gonna have a life. I,ve been trapped in my house since december, my family are,nt bothered they don't,nt visit. My so called friends aren't friends at all as they only come to see me when they want something. My doctor won't help me , he gave me propanol only and when i said i could no longer take them he just said fine carry on no alternative med or anything. I started having therapy on the phone as i cannot leave the house and it was the only way to get help and after 4 weeks she said it could progress to house visits but then dropped the bombshell i had to wait 8 weeks min, up until this point i was making some progress even made it to my local shop 2 doors away but now i just give up and cry all day, I think my husband has had enough to he keeps making plans for me to go out and i cannot and feel i have failed him and the kids. Im stuck and i guess feeling sorry fr myself, so sorry for the downer x Donver


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  • Hi donver

    First lovely to see a name from the old site ,but sad to see you are feeling so down

    Your GP , sounds rubbish hun , is there not another one you could see , in the same surgery , because that one doesnt seem to have the time of day , I would give it a go

    I no what its like to be stuck in as well , & you on line telephone counselling coming to an end

    I hope you are still on the list for visits , I no 8 weeks seems a long time , but it will soon be here

    I am on the waiting list & have seen no on yet , i have to wait a year before I do , but i no its not easy ,but dont give up

    For now while you are waiting you said you could get to the shop , well can you keep practicing that , try not to let go of what you have acheieved , keep doing that

    Come on here & you no how it works , but before you no where you are you will have you home counselling (as long as you have left your name on the list )




  • Hi whywhy x yes my name is still on the list im 6 weeks in, but still no word as of yet. I went to see this particular gp as he had been good with my husband and his rheum arthritis, however his stance with me is if im nt suicidal i must wait, tryin to drum it home to some people that the fear i have is more not wanting to die than hurrying it along:/ i have been reading a book dr weekes self help for nerves and so feel more relaxed about the whole illness as it explains it more openly, but i guess im a little impatient lol. I just feel im letting the world down at times x thanks for your reply x

  • Well thats good news , I am glad you left your name on there

    I would give it a week , that makes 7 & then I would phone up & say i was struggling & was told 8 weeks , could they tell me how much longer , I dont no if you will find that hard to do , but sometimes it can be we can get forgotten , if we dont shout up

    You are feeling low at the moment & thats why you are getting these thoughts , but believe me , you are not letting anyone down & certainly not the world :o well if you are we all are & I am not so neither are you

    Let us no how you go on , i no the new site is not the same as we are used to , but we are stilll here & we care as you no


  • aw ty whywhy x its funny but at times i feel like the only people in the world who understand is the people on here x others offer the sympathy but basically tell you to buck up and get out n live, which is hard to do. xx

  • I no donvor

    I think you are right , but as this comes from the inside , unless we have felt how it feels , they cant understand

    And personally I think its the worse thing you can say to someone suffering is to "buck up " just makes it 100 times worse

    You have us though :)


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