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since my neighbours unfairly complained abt me to the council which is so unfair coz all the hostility came from them inthe first instance now it's been switched onto me I'm so upset and my anxiety has gone thru the roof everyday it's struggle I'm in pain inmy head I'm so on edge and normally u love my food but I'm struggling to eat coz I'm so nervous I'm walking on eggshells living and abig part of that is me hating living here and the fear that's lived inside me since achild ,I want to get our of this house as wen I'm out I dread comin home the council won't put agence up to help this neighbour situation and goin in the garden is quite difficult as I hav adog and I need access but when they goout in there grd they have there family there and it's all day long so I put my dog on alead and I take him out front so he can wee.i feel so much anger and I'm so emotional dnt hav any one to talk to pls help

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That is awful


always keep your dog on a lead unless your in a park or somewhere that dogs can run around as many people are afraid of dogs. and you don't want to give them an excuse to complain about you again . how did all of this start? what did they complain to the council about you for? its quite hard to understand your post are you saying its about a fence and the neighbours.


You shouldn't have to put your dog on a lead to go out when you have a garden of your own. How horrible that you feel you can't go out there.

I know it's impossible to confront if you're not the confrontational type. But you can't go on living like this and you can't feel too afraid to go in your own garden...

Who have you contacted so far to help you with this?

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I did write a letter to council to tell them the situation but it switched on me and they've told lies and deni any wrong doing which I'm really angry and upset about coz its not fair.i only ever try to stand up 4myself when they came out threatening violence I would have gone to the council back when it happened I was afraid to.the problem wasn't there until his girlfriend moved in there she seems to take issue with everything to do with me I dnt get it b4 I was never rude to them all the aggression started from them when I used our shared alleyway to put my daughters bike 🚲 it's so stupid unnecessary and it's affecting me alot that I hate being here thku to my surports on this site


thanku daisy you are very sweet and kind I really appreciate ur help💜


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