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How to stick to a diet?

I am wondering how can anyone to stick to a diet? I did plan to have a diet a few months ago, but to be honest I am weak and junk food is my total downfall. I also like other food but seeing as I can burn food it's hard to keep the diet going. Also family don't give me any support and laughed at me for going it a go. So how can I keep the diet going and make sure I don't fall back into the trap of junk food.

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I'm quite thin so I have never needed to diet but a lot of the girls in my office have been doing that herbalife one. Mine girl who is quite big has told me that after the first week you start to lose the craving feeling of sugar but that the herbalife one was better as it was more aimed at reducing your calorie intake that what you were actually eating.

Hope this helps xx


Thanks Ashley27 I will look up herbalife and give it a go



They say everything in moderation & dont be to hard on yourself

I & friends have stuck to diets before but also allowed ourselves treats , especially at the weekends

This way it has helped to stick with it during the week , knowing you have something to look forward to at the end of it

Also , I find , people that walk , they seem to be able to eat what they want & still keep trim , as walking burns of the calories & is one of the best forms to keep your weight down without changing your diet to much !

Remember as well , some are meant to be thin others are meant to have hour glass figures & both look good , as long as you are at a weight you feel healthy at , both are attractive

Hope you achieve how much you want to loose :-)





Hi I hate the word 'diet'. The trouble with going on a diet is that when you start to eat normally again all the weight (and usually more) goes straight back on again and you get into a situation of yo yo dieting. I think it's far better to try to healthy eat instead. Increase your fruit and veg intake and decrease your junk food intake. Never deprive yourself of anything you really want just eat it in moderation. Don't forget even thin people eat junk food! If you comfort eat tackling any emotional issues would help.


I always found it difficult/impossible to stick to diets, so now I just do enough exercise to burn it all off. I find it works for me but I don't know if it would work for anyone else—if anyone tries to do it, let me know how you get on!

If your body works the same as mine, this is roughly the deal you get...

Upside: you can eat cake! During the winter especially I quite often have high-calorie desserts, olives, honey spread on toast... I don't have high-calorie snacks like biscuits, but that's because I don't like them very much. I don't know if I'd gain weight if I started having them. Also my meals—except for the desserts—aren't junk food, again because I don't like it very much. If I started having deep-fried-everything I might well gain weight.

Downside: a 4.5 mile run, four times a week. You have to do this unless you are injured, or the road is dangerously icy. You have to run when it's raining, or when there is snow on the ground. You also have to do the run as fast as you can. It will take a while to get your fitness up, but if you can do the run faster you will burn more calories.

It's certainly not effort-free weight loss, but personally I find it easier to do this than to stick to a diet. It's horrible sitting there feeling hungry.


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