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How not to get anxious while going to the movies?

So my new friend called me to go watch movies with her and a friend, but i obviously have terrible anxiety, and I haven't left my house in a whole year except for school which is also very challenging for me. I constantly struggle with terrible physical symptoms. So, I really wanna go you see, but my symptoms never leave me, and I'll be going alone with my friends, so my mom won't be there to help me if I am getting a panic attack, and NO WAY i wan't to have a panic attack in front of them. I really don't know if I should go or If i should stay safe at home. What should i do, and what do i do if i get a panic attack or my symptoms overwhelm me while I am there?

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Would you feel comfortable telling your new friend about your anxiety condition? I could understand your not wanting to ... but I am just wondering if it might not be the best way to go. Invite your friend to visit with you and then trying telling her/him...

It doesn't sound like you have visited with a dr or therapist about this...and you really, really need to do this. You need and deserve understanding and support and all the help available to you! Good luck!


I find being upfront with people helps to ease my mind about having panic attacks because I feel like its easier then explaining it when it happens. I leave my house to grocery shop, work etc but I have trouble at theaters and resteraunts where it would be awkward to leave too so ive been avoiding them for almost a year now. I find if I think im going to panic and have physical symptoms that I go there thinking about it constantly and then it ends up causing me to panick cause im thinking about it too much. Just telling yourself to go and get out there and that the physical symptoms wont hurt you and its you WONT panic might help. And the more you get out and do things the easier it will be from here on out... ( I know..easier said than done)


One way to improve anxiety is to face your fears. It will get easier and easier each time you go see a movie if you do this. I am in the same situation you are in with anxiety but I find this helps. Your friends are there for you and will understand if you experience anxiety. Just understand that nothing there can hurt you.

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If they are true friends they should understand and may even be able to help and encourage....The movies and auditoriums are biggies for me too.I was doing ok and then had cancer , it has started it all over again... I really must try and face it , if it's a short movie I can sometimes be ok


Just saw your post and looked back at some of your others aswell. I have been struggling with anxiety for years now very bad with all the physical symptoms you mentioned. The BEST thing that I can recommend is to please ask your parents to see a therapist. It seems like your mom is willing to comfort you so ask her about it. Also you seem to have some trouble sleeping, I would suggest taking melatonin to help you go to sleep. This really does help me. You can get that at any pharmacy over the counter store like Rite Aid. Honestly though you really need to see a therapist. Also the best thing I have found is to challenge your thoughts. When you get an anxious thought in your mind recognize that its just a thought and overall its just your anxiety. You have to take the power away from your thoughts. All of your symptoms from your previous posts are 100% anxiety symptoms. Good luck to you and I hope I offered some good advice to you. At this point the best advice I have is a therapist and work on challenging your thoughts.


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