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how do I get my confidence back to go out on my own

I haven't been out even to the local shops on my own for several weeks now and i can see the longer i leave it the worse it will be. I'm waiting here for my husband to come home from work and take me food shopping but already i feel my head is tight and i'm lightheaded and don't really want to go but we'v got to eat at some point. how can i get my independence back?? i just want me back. hugs to all x

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I no how you feel & its not easy , but can be done , & we have to sometimes just take little steps at a time , till we build it up . which you will

Have you written yourself a list for when you go shopping

I would & if I knew the plan of the supermarket , I would right it in order of which shelves I pass first , its a worry less then

As you start to do more things , you will gain back your confidence , dont worry if you have a little wobble , many of us do , but feel proud if you manage this , as its a big achievement

Let is no how it goes





whywhy7 your so wise and full of positivity. I've been shopping and my head got so tight i have given myself a headache and i felt nauseas but that's another job done until tomorrow. were going into town and i have to look for a few birthday presents so hopefully tomorrow will be a good day and i enjoy it like i used to. thank you for your support i am really feeling it. positive hugs x

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Well , well done you :)

That was a big step you have just taken & I no how hard it is , I hope you feel proud you should do :)

Yes you will have headache with the tension of the day , try & relax now you have done it :)

Maybe as you do you could think about what you want to buy tomorrow , or go on line & get some ideas , as every shop more or less is on line , might help a little

I hope you have a lovely evening :)



Is it going shopping that's the hard part? - i.e. being inside with people all trying to get stuff off shelves etc - or is it difficult going out anywhere on your own? Could you start with just small distances, like just walking away from your home for 5 minutes, then turning back home. Doing that for a few days... Then when you can do that confidently you could try doing just a few more minutes on the outward walk... small steps, but taking them a little further week by week.

Good luck searching for the birthday presents tomorrow :-)


its the thought of going out and feeling i will faint as i have so many times before iv now lost my confidence though illness. i seem to get such a bad headache when i go out as my head gets so tight. thanks for your support i was going to walk into the village but made an excuse cos it rained. take care and nice to hear from you. hugs galore x


Hello Hunnybug,

I totally agree with Blorengia, try taking a small step at a time. It may even be that you set yourself a target that for 5 days out of 7 you walk to the end of your street and back again. Sometimes if you can still see your house, the feeling isn't quite as bad.

Once you're feeling good about walking to the end of your street and back, try walking round the block the following week, and then reassess until you're feeling confident enough to go further afield.

Lots of small changes, will have a big impact in the long run :-)

I hope you're feeling good today and hope to speak with you again soon!

Carrie x


Thanks for blogging and asking the question and well done............ I have been getting increasingly anxious about leaving the house on my own and try not to do it ........ and this is very scary to think I could get like this........ I don't feel so bad now............. thanks for all the advice and well done for today and I hope tomorrow goes fine, Im sure it will

Love and hugs

Ker xx


Hi, this started for me 6years ago, before that I was a very out going person, My father died 6years ago and the phobia started and the panic attacks, I couldn't leave the house, this went on for a year almost I had to cover my eyes with a scarf if I had to go to the doctor to get in the car and I had to ride in the backseat, I am getting better, I can ride in the front again without anything on my eyes, I started college and pray helped me, but I don't go out at night and at times I get scared during the day too, it's something you have to work on, but you will get better, trusting the person your with helps, talking about it helps. God bless you.


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