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I really really want to start exercising again, I don't mean muscles and all that jazz...just some light jogging or something like that. I keep getting told I need to get my heart rate up. As you all know I'm absolutely terrified to do so. For fear of kneeling over...I do think though this is what I have to do, I need to exercise and know my heart isn't going to stop just cos it flutters.

What do you guys think? Xx

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Yes that's a very good point, thanks you :-) x


Hi Ashley, maybe you could start just taking brisk walks just so the heart rate goes up a little, till you get used to the feeling, then gradually increase the pace and amount of time you feel comfortable with :)

Mimii xx


Hi Mimii

I was thinking of doing that first all then casually breaking into some light jogging. Think I'm just scared it makes the palps worse, can only try though lol xx


Hi my names Stu I get flutters and I go to the Gym I've done the jogging down the road walking the dog etc and you just don't get the same in my opinion you should get to the gym your anxiety will get a lot better and you will notice when you stop yes it's hard but trust me you can do it exercise is not a cure BUT it helps so much I've only been twice this week but I'm planning to go in the morning I'm all ears by the way I've lost over 3 stone and look a lot better than I did before :-) not all Exercise but it helps .

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Of cause take a friend if you feel you need to


I had joined the gym but the heart monitors on the machines freaked me out as they kept shooting away up to 170...I was like aaaaaahhhhh and haven't been back since lol.



i've found pilates really helps. It helps to tone the muscles but it's not over the top. It helps me to relax . Or maybe swimming or cycling would be good. I feel really free when I cycle and you can do it at different paces. I go with friends and we take a picnic so it's not that serious really but still getting a bit of exercise.

Hope this helps

Mystery Reader


Yes my sister in law said we should go to this. Is it much like yoga? X


I don't know because i've not been to yoga but I believe it is similar. For me I always feel better when I've been. Local authorities do a deal where by you can pay in advance. This means you can try something new without having to pay and certainly in Leeds it covers all Local Authority activities in their centres. You can pay up front for a year or monthly. I've worked it out if I did 3 sessions a week it is cost effective. I think they might do reductions for low paid etc if that's relevant. Unfortunately not using at the moment due to bugg.... shoulder and neck.


Hi Ashley27,

Just wondering if you tried too hard when you went to the gym and pushed yourself too far too fast? Your age comes into it as well and your general fitness. People who are fit do have a higher heart rate to begin with.

Widsom will tell you to check out with your doctor if you have any concerns about your heart. I know I have heart problems and doctor told me exercise was good for the heart and to carry on. I began slowly and gradually went up in speed etc...You still must listen to your body and be aware of any discomfort. No sense overdoing it.

If your energy level is low there is a great booster you can buy at Boots Chemist its called RE: BALANCE RE; ENERGISE EFFERVESCENT. My husband and I use this daily and we both feel the benefits of these valuable vitamins. Hope this helps.


Yes scares me to I'm about 21 stone think I've lost more but not doing the scales as I'm tying to go to the gym for my Anxioty not my weight

My heart rate can go up to 151 and at this point I slow down you must go at a pace that your ok with the fact that your there and doing it is great I'm going on Sunday please if you can go go for everyone on here as well as for you I think about the members and wish they could all do it because I was so not up for it please beleave me when I say I does help. Loads build it up as and when YOU feel YOU can good luck you have got nothing to lose apart from Anxaioty xxx


It does help bit tired and crap on keyboards


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