Hiya, I never write on here but read the posts everyday. I have suffered from anxiety attacks for over 3 years and just cant shake off the

Bad feeling I get everyday. I could just b going to the shop snd it comes over me, then I get a nervous stomach and start running to the toilet. I feel as if im on the outdide of my life looking in. Its so hard to explain. I have had some cbt sessions but I dont feel any better for it. Im just at a stage were I think am I ever going to b normal again. Do I just have to learn this is part of my life or have any of u got advice? Im on a small amount of bisopronol (beta blocker). The panic attacks are not as bad as they used to be but im so down at the minute.

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  • Hello adele

    I am pleased you have found yourself posting , as you will no everyone tries & supports each other & it helps to talk & get advise or just to no you are not on your own :)

    I am sure you dont have to accept this is it for the rest of your life

    I no you have had CBT , but reading posts on here you may have come across people who have had more than one attempt & maybe going back & asking to be referred again will help

    You say you are on a small amount of Beta blockers , again if you see your GP , they might increase the dose slightly which could help as well

    The more we fear this anxiety , the more control it has over us , its not easy , but if we can accept how we feel , it slowly starts to take away the fear & the control , it does take practice , but it can work

    I hope now that you have posted you will feel you can post & talk more as everyone will help & we do understand how you feel




  • Thank you for replying. It just wish the feeling of dread would go away. Every pain and ache I get makes me think I have a terminal illness. At the moment I have sore breasts and I think its something bad, I know in my head I need to catch myself on, but its so hard. Im just so scared that im going to have to live this way all my life. My councellor think I have post traumatic stress disorder, due to alot of stuff that happened in my teens, but I feel I have moved on from that stage in my life. Thank you whywhy for replying it means alot to talk to somethingwho knows what im going through x

  • adele

    I have had the same problem from been a teenager & am still the same even though better than I was

    But I do relate to every ache & pain has to be life threatening & in my head it is , till it passes & then I seem to be able to get it into perspective again , but I no how it feels

    I went with a cyst to the hospital last week , in fact it didnt even turn out to be a cyst it was nothing at all , but while I was there , my mind was saying it was all over

    Unlike people that dont suffer with this , I feel we are very tuned in to our bodies & what they feel , & our brains register these feelings & then it builds on them , un like others that have aches , they will just think nothing ,but we do

    So the only way I no how to deal with it , is to try & change my way of thinking , which isnt easy by no means , but I have got a lot better than I was

    When I feel something & I start going of in my head , i have to tell myself to stop it , its my anxiety , there is nothing wrong , its not easy , but the more I have done it over the years , it gets better

    I do have an idea what triggered mine & that was been young & hearing my Mum cry in such a way I had never heard before , at the loss of her brother

    This was my first experience of realizing what it was to loose someone & it frightened me so much & I saw it as such a dreadful thing & then the fear started & carried on

    Keep talking on here , tell people how you feel , no matter how small it is , no one will judge but you will no you are not on your own feeling this way & it will get better


  • Thank you so much, its great to know im not alone, im not just as bad today but it would be nice to have a great day with none of this crap feeling. I hope u had a good day x

  • You will get the good days back , it takes time , but they will come

    Keep talking on here , it does help :)


  • I agree with whywhy, the good times will come back it just takes time and rest, and in my case, some help with CBT and support on the way.This site has helped me a lot. I don't necessarily post a lot but I visit everyday and try and help if I can and as I look through the posts I know there are people out there who feel exactly as I do so I am not alone.Welcome to the site, Adele, and keep coming here if it helps you. xx

  • Thank you so much x

  • Yes. I'm with you guys on this.

    My anxiety came on 3 and a half years ago and I have been to hell and back(just like lots of you guys) but I am coming through it.

    It takes time. I have had councelling,cbt,group sessions and loadsa support from some very good friends.

    It can be a struggle-up one day and down the next,but there are loads of people out there -just like me-just chat and we chat back!!

  • P.s. nice to meet you adele78

  • Hi Adele

    Snap,I have also been suffering for 3 years with these damn attacks.But am now better at controlling them.As most people on here,it's a little at a time.I used to feel anxious all day,if I knew I had to go food shopping later,I'm a bit better now,and actually feel quite chuffed when I've managed to do it.It's great though,we don't spend lots of money,as I don't do browsing,making a list is also helpful.

  • Thankyou all so for replying it means so much xx

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