Hi folks, im new to this page, i just needed somewhere to go to get my anxiety dwn into words, i feel im at my wits end for months now iv lived with my anxiety from the minute i open my eyes until i fall asleep then im anxious in my dreams its never ending, i constantly feel sick my heart beats so hard i can hear it, iv no patience im extremely emotional i get so wound up i become breathless, i constantly think bad is going to happen, how do i cope with this, its takin over my life and im at a loss as to wot to do 😢


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  • It is so miserable it just is. No one understands what you're going through unless they have been through it too. I feel your pain. I just posted on my page a list of things that have helped me. Check it out and hopefully something will help you too <3.

  • Its the worst, i just feel so trapped, if uv pain u can take paracetamol but how do u help urself wen u feel so scared of everything, i dont leave the house, im even scared to close my blinds for fear of feelin claustrophobic, i need to see outside so i can watch the world go by, i hear the slightest bad news my mind goes into overdrive, i cant rationalize anything cause in my head it will always hav the worst outcome, its debilitating 😢

  • I know exactly how you feel. You almost feel like your on drugs or you are just a completely insane person. It makes you nuts!! And people probable tell you "just calm down, think positive" "it is all in your head". I don't think the problem is in our head. I think something in our bodies is off and it is just having side effects on the brain. I am doing everything I can to find a doctor who can help me get to the bottom of it because I know we're all not just crazy people!! But, just remind yourself, you are not alone and this will not be forever. We will figure this out!!

  • I seen another comnent u posted about medication, my sister has some anxiety but not at my level and she swears by sertraline, says its been her godsend, she suffered some jittery feelings until it got into her system, now she cant b without it, im honestly thinkin of ringin my doc in the mornin to talk this over, no chance i cud go out to see him, good luck in ur search for help, its an awful way to live xx

  • I am totally terrified of the jittery feeling but I guess it is worth it if it helps in the end. I am going to give meds a try next year if I am still suffering the same. Thanks for the recommendation!! Keep me updated if you do try it and if it is helpful!! :)

  • I will do xx

  • I do that too! I keep my bedroom curtains open so I can lay in bed and feel safe but still look out and feel connected to the world.

  • Its awful to feel like this, its dictating my life, i go weeks without leaving my house, im tryin to pluck up the courage to speak to my doctor i cant go on like this 😢

  • I hope you can talk to your dr. I do leave the house to work normally because I have but then I come straight home and don't leave unless I absolutely have to. I am currently off work on stress leave, I have been off for 5 weeks, but I have to go back tomorrow because I can't survive without a job. A very nervous (& depressed) but sometimes you just have to push yourself as much as you can.

  • Iv a lot of ailments and recently came off 25 tablets a day but i think it was too much too soon to hav came off my duloxetine which i took for my depression and anxiety, iv tried self controlling it but its just gettin worse, i definitely need to go back on them

  • If you have something that works I say take it if you can! It's so hard to find something to get even a little relief. Everyday is a struggle for me.

  • Me too, constant battle with my thoughts and fear, its so hard to get ppl to understand who havnt experienced it

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