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Had a lot going on.. But a little message to say I'm still here and a update!

Hi all sorry I havent been on here in about a mouth now.

As some of you were aware I left my long term partner and father to my children around 6 weeks ago.. Well after 3 weeks we had a Chat and he's understood that he was wrong etc I love him sometines you just got to give 2nd chances so I have and we are back together. He doesn't know about me on here and I don't want him to, this is something I get awAy from him.

I had a good day yesterday taking my eldest to his app (which I don't normally go to) as I suffer badly with anxiety and panic attacks, afterwards I dropped him to Nursary and took my youngest to my mums again I don't go there I hadn't been there in months before yesterday. Now today I have nothing planned at all and I want to take my kids somewhere but when I just think about it I get scared and panicy I should just get up and Go really to stop me thinking about it but I know At some point when I'm out I will get panicy and that.. The only place I can control my panic attacks are at home and there's nowhere nearby I can take the kids :( I really should get proper help I'm fighting this alone with limited people even knowing I suffer with this!

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It sounds like you need extra help. If you can't get out phone your GP and ask for a phone consultation they should do it mine do. I am glad you are trying to sort it out with your partner. Is he supportive of your illness and remember it is an illness and people need to realise this. There are many people on this site with different issues regarding anxiety, you are not alone. It sounds that you are trying really hard to help yourself but sometimes we need some other input. Let me know how you get on. Take care



Give yourself a big pat on your back for taking your eldest to his appointment and dropping him at the nursery, and taking your youngest to your mums. Both are a good step forward, particularly when you suffer from panic attacks outside the home. You should also give yourself credit for trying to tackle your panic attacks alone (I think you are a very strong person to do so), but there is absolutely no shame whatsoever in reaching out for help.

Is there a playground or a park nearby home? Perhaps you can bring the kids there just for a walk, or push them on the swings for a bit, just to get out of the house? The idea is for you to venture out a little further and a little longer each day, so you gain confidence being outside your home. You made great progress yesterday, so lets try to keep up the good work. A nearby playground or park may be good, as you can take comfort from knowing your home is just a short walk away, and if you start to feel panicky you can bundle the kids up and head home.

Best of luck and rooting for you here!


Thanks for the replys i havent been on to read them till today. I wish i could rewind to this time last year before all this happened!! :( Feel so down


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