One of my good days

Hi to all my friends,

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything for a while as I am trying so hard to not focusing on my anxiety and try to keep busy , meditate, pray and just being hopeful and trying my best in staying positive . I had couple of horrific nights as one night I decided to have a glass of wine and that went horribly wrong.. but I am trying to stay focused and read about things that makes me happy. I'm trying not to let anything effect me and just be at the moment. I hope everyone in here is doing well also and I will pray for everyone.

Stay focused, pray, love more, and just simply be ..


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7 Replies

  • Very good advice Marymel. x

  • Matymel. Stop trying to push it away through distraction or try to be positive. This is why people stay in the anxiety cycle. You have to go though it all so if your mind wants to focus on the anxiety, let it. If you feel negative, let yourself feel negative. Just don't get involved with the thoughts and feelings. Just be an observer to those thoughts and feelings if that makes sense. Carry on with your life and take the anxiety with you. Your nerves are sensitised through all the worry, stress (and the trying to be positive etc) you have put on yourself. To de-sensitise, your mind and body has to learn to cope with all the thoughts and feelings until it decides there is no threat. It does take time but keep practising acceptance and developing a "so what"attitude.

  • I agree with your advise but sometimes brain is too active and naturally get stuck with negative thoughts and I personally can't go through with it. I can't afford to live with anxiety and treat it as you mentioned "so what" attitude.. I really wish I could . But I have 2 younge children and responsibilities that every day piles up so I have no choice than getting better..:-(

  • If your brain is too active, let it be too active. You have to pass through the eye of the storm to reach calm waters. You can do it. I have held down a stressful job (anxiety made it feel worse than ever) and have 4 kids. I understand what you are going through but you will get through it. If I can, you can too! ❤️

  • Could not agree more. We fave to face it and accept it then only will it seize to control our lives

  • easier said than done for some people though don't you think?

  • acceptance isn't easy but all of us have it within ourselves to recover in full. You don't need special powers or bravery awards to do it either. With enough practice of acceptance, it does get easier and you arrive at a point where you say to yourself " it doesn't matter" and mean it. The symptoms will hang around for a while but all the fear of them has been taken away so they are more of a nuisance than anything else but that will pass too. Just keep on trucking and allow it all to wash over you. Dont let the anxiety dictate your life. We are all much bigger than anxiety which bluffs us into thinking all is not right. There is nothing wrong with the world, it is just us who feel out of sorts. Take anxiety with you, do nothing about it, live your life alongside anxiety and you will begin to loosen your grip on it and you will eventually float to the surface (normality). Recovery is a process you have to go through. You can't avoid it or take short cuts.

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