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Crappy night has made me determined :)

Morning all, how are we all x

Oh what a night I had last night, after the epic fall out with the neighbour, the indigestion set in, max allowed number of rennie later and it still persisted. The awful type where its right up your back and the pain in immense. I did almost call a ambulance as I was crying in pain, but once the wind started to dispense I was fine x

Im going to have to go to the docs as my nana had gallstones and this sounds similar.

I woke myself up in the night with the pain, and then I got stressed and was upset and the panic started, adrenalin, sweating etc. I thought this is it me out again. But instead of fighting I closed my eyes and waited. And then woke this morning feeling tired. sluggish and crap.

I have sat and thought about what happened last night and I only seem to get these night panics when im stressed. I have agoraphobia and i have, this according to my therapist, chosen to retire from the outside world to stop myself being hurt, if I was,not seen people could not judge, They would not upset me or bring me down, there would be nothing I could not control, how wrong was I. It seems even in my safe zone, my home I am reduced to this, i am accused and i am talked about. So I may as well go forth and get myself back out there, if i am going to be talked about lets give them something to talk about :) x xx bring it on world xx

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You go girl........... I think this is the only way to get over our crap..... to stand tall and proud, and bugger all the others that don't matter........

Stay strong hun!!

Love and hugs xx


Ty Anne x xx


Oh donver

You need shares in rennies hun :-/

I used to get bad indigestion , just as you describe , I no it was anxiety even though when you are i so much pain , its hard to believe

Dont think the worse though , see GP & they will check you over & give you something to help

Good for you hey , dont let them get you down , you are as good as everyone else , in fact better than some , you show them & cant wait to hear how the ship sailed later :-)





Ty whywhy x i always worry with indigestion as i only have one fully functioning kidney lol x I had reflux as a child so one is a bit broken :) x im like nemo lol. Touch wood its gone for now.

I am sailing happily today x slightly sluggish and headache but its good sailing weather lol x Ty xx


Good on you, keep up the positive's :D

I get scared about things that people think about me, I got so paranoid about going out past my neighbours and everybody, as not going out I thought people would look at me and judge, ive not gone far out or im walking out and run back lol, but sod what they think now, I thought even if people do judge and gossip, it will be news for 5 minutes and get back on with there own lives, I spent far too much time worrying about what everyone else thought

Have a great day :D xxx


Hi Michelle, ty xx you are describing what i have been doing the last year to a tee, hiding, never fearing what the panic was doing more what everyone else thought x but sod them x People make you paranoid, and half the time they are doing it to offload there own paranoia x there lives are probs to boring thats why they like to destroy mine xx

Ty hope you have a good day to xx Donna x


Well done donver... You show 'em!! Enjoy your day Hun!!


ty yummi x hope u have a good day to x


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