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Ship has roared into port tonight, captain is fuming!!

Hi all, how are we?? Well as you may of guessed the ship is in port for the night and the captain is unhappy.

Ive had a good day, not taken to much notice of my anxiety and plodded on, had a good 2 hour chat with a good friend and felt much better for it x Have just felt really good:) and then I rounded the corner and hit a rock:/ I had deleted my annoying neighbour off fb but alas id forgotten her hub. So i get a mess asking why am i such a b*****, i ignored she then went on to rant for ages sending mess after mess, about me being a evil vile woman, there is no wonder im not liked, i deserve al the bad things that happen in my life, she is sick of me faking anxiety to get sympathy, im not a good mam cos i have anxiety and neglect my kids. etc etc etc i deleted the hub she then carried on, on my hubbys fb, i stalk her, she has told the benefits im cheating the system i should give credit to people like her who have anxiety and are not coping but im taking away her chance of therapy by pretending. She is glad i dont go to the school cos none of the parents like me, they think im scum, i could go on but think you have a good enough picture. This amuses me but then also makes me sad. I may be a fail in some areas of my life but that evil bleep has no right to put me down, my mistakes are made and they will not be repeated, i did not choose to have anxiety nor did i ask for the things i endured growing up, i bear the scars. If im nt liked then its there choice to judge me by my cover. dont judge my parenting skills and do not say i claim what i should not. I am me, i am what i am. I did reply to her, short and sweet. it merely said "its my facebook wall i will write what i want, if you dont like it dont read it that is your choice, just as its your choice to be all you accuse me of being."

I calmed down a bit by speaking to the hubby x but i am fuming it seems blocking her is not enough x i have had enough she is now fuelling my determination to get better x I pray karma exists x

I better batten down my hatches i may be sailing in shark infested waters as it seems if you don't bleed you will be cut x The only down side is getting so angry has flared up the pains and the ha x damn woman :/

xxx Donver xx

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If anybody's doing any stalking its her she sounds obsessed !!

Wonder why she feels the need to be so nasty, saw a post somewhere that said 'if someone is mean or nasty to you, it doesn't say anything about you but a lot about them' or something along those lines :)

Mimii xx


Hi mimii x she s a very unhappy evil person I have got this now x I tried so hard to be nice to her and i dont know why i bothered now x She is a mirror image of what she portrays me to be alright x hope she happy this way cos i wont be lol x :) Donver xx


Oh dear , you have been in stormy waters tonight :o

If you have blocked her how does she keep managing to get through ?

You can block people sending you messages as well

I would block her on hubbies if he hasnt already !

I dont no what this womans problem is , but if it were me , I wouldnt give her the time of day , I wouldnt look what she is doing or writing & I wouldnt even send a brief message

If you can totally ignore her which is all she is worth , that will get to her more & eventually she might give up & focus on someone else !

I hope the seas are calm tonight & you get a good nights sleep :-)





Hi whywhy x she was coming on under her hubbys profile x All links blocked nw x I have completely wasted my time trying to be nice to her in the past x Can finally see she is not worth the energy.

Hopefully I will sleep, i got myself so ragged earlier I now have chronic indigestion xits agony x 6 rennie later and its still there x Apart from that seas are calmer xx Donna xx


Hi donver, looney tunes strikes again eh! Get the doc to give you some omaperazole for that acid, its amazing stuff! White toast and orange juice with bits in will be yours again! xxxxx


Hi looking glass x oh yes looney tunes lol x less said the better x

I always suffer with it lately more so when i have had mayonnaise x

Wouldn't care it was a lovely chicken mayo greggs special lol x Omeprazole wow really?? My hubby has like 10 boxes in the cupboard the doctor gives him for the sickness side effects of his rheumatoid arthritis meds x Thought it was just for that x learns something new every day x xx


Oh Donver, what a b***h she is. Glad she is blocked completely now. Who goes on like that? Truly, she is not worth wasting any more time on,

People like this suck so much energy out of us, we are really better off just saying 'stuff you'. Anyone important to you will know the truth & that's all that matters.

Hope you can enjoy a peaceful night



ty Thomson x She will get no more of my time x SHe makes me feel unwell with her crap xx

Hopefully once this dammed indigestion goes which had reduced me to tears and 9 rennies goes i can sleep x


I wouldn't be without my Omeprazole.. have one every night and they work wonders. Your neighbour sounds like a right nutter, I can't imagine what it would be like living next door to such a caustic person and all her rants about you are terrible. The best thing to do now is ignore her then she has no comeback and no ammunition to fire back at you.

Your true friends and family know how you really are not this headcase. Really, don't waste anymore energy on her she is truly not worth it. Hope you are feeling calmer. Love Julie xx


Its gonna be the omeraperazole fan club on ll be able to do the priory next year with the money you ll save on rennies! xxxxx


Morning :-)

I just love your play on words, you ever thought about writing? I was hooked from the title. I think you might have a hidden talent.

You are absolutely awsome ignore this wench trouble with some people is that they are not happy unless they are pulling other people down. Dont give her the satisfaction!

I have had three people claim they are going to report me to social services because I am such a terrible mother. The first one was my ex who when I asked why he thought social services would even entertain him his response was "I'll make something up!" The second was my ex's ex who thought I needed reporting because I have the cheek to expect my own children's father to look after his own kids when im at work! The third was an old next door neighbour because I expected my daughter home bathed and fed by a resonable hour!! Its funny how people can say what they like about us but as soon as they attack our parenting skill thats when we really start fighting back. Next time she says anything keep your head held high smile politely and waked passed like you feel like a million dollars. If she thinks shes getting to you she will continue to taunt you. The horrible little cretin she is.


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