What heck do you need to do to get an appointment at doctors!! For the last week I've been trying to get one,so today I actually went down to the surgery and told them I need an appointment only for them to say "phone up tomorrow morning at 8.30 or call in at 8am"!!! To which I replied I've been calling you for the last week!! Without getting into detail with her said I really need to make one today!! Stropy mare told me call back tomorrow!!

Went home cried my eyes out with frustration and told hubby. He was so cross he's going in to see them tomorrow and he's not leaving till I get an appointment.

Thank god for hubby:) Hugs xx


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  • Oh I no , same at ours

    Only way you can get one with who you want is by been at the door when it opens in person at 8 in a morning , otherwise you have had it

    When I went as well last week , I was told you can now book on line yourself for appointments , & they gave me a code so I could create an account , i thought well what a carry on , what ever next :o

    Be interesting when i have a go , i am not that hot with things like that , bet I end up booking myself in everyday or something daft

    Sorry it has caused you so much upset hun , but Yea good old hubby you go & sort them , we want a happy yummimummy :)




  • Thank you whywhy... I'm a little happier now I've had a good cry:) Hubby was so cross with them, he's just phoned up and complained. Going to have a nice warm bath now:) You have a nice evening hunni... Hope your ok:) xxxx

  • Hope you get your appointment tomorrow :)


  • :)) xxx

  • oh yes I know this least the surgery has some very good receptionists who show plenty of sympathy's terrible everywhere I think...good luck

  • Thanks Hun.xx

  • sorry to hear about the trouble you have getting an appointment when you need it , it must be very worrying for you, it certainly wont help you face your anxiety, sounds like hubby is on the case tho". we are so lucky here just phone between 8.30 am -9am nearly always get one same day, best of luck yummi in sorting them out.xx

  • Thanks hunni:)) xx

  • It's the same here have to ring at 8.30. I was told this when I was working and said to them I can't because I am on my way to work then! They then said they keep a few emergency appointments bookable in advance for those who work. One little tip - I check the time on the telly then at 8.29 start calling on my mob then just keep pressing repeat, I get through easily then!

    Bev x

  • Don't start me on this. I wanted to see my own doctor and I was told it would be a 6 - 8 week wait. The other doctor in the practice is an absolute tosses and I refuse to see him. I don't know what the answer is and I am totally pissed off with it.

  • I know all about that! It used to be easy to get an appointment at my health centre, but now theyv`e adopted the system where you have to phone either at 8am, or 2pm. I try calling, but they never answer the phone. I`m seriously thinking of finding a new doctor!

  • The system seems to have changed for the worse in the last couple of years. For some things a week is just not good enough and what ever happened to continue of care ie seeing the same doctor. Just had a row earlier at my surgery as did actually see doctor but he wrote the wrong thing on the sick note. This was a note I had to argue for and be off sick for with no cover. The receptionist was very rude but I did get what I wanted. Long story.

    Anyway good for hubby fighting your corner.

  • Thank you xx it is getting ridiculous now, what use is a appointment in 6wks when your ill like right now!!! And as for the receptionists... Do not get me started ..... They want to know your history before booking you in!!! Told her it was none of her business! Was pleased hubby stepped in though:) xx

  • Yeah it's good to be supported. My partner is very supportive too and has even come in with me to support what I was and to be a witness.

  • I meant said not was.

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