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It's been a week since last first Blog :)

One week today I found this website and Blog and I have been signing in everyday to post and read other peoples posts. Has it helped me ? Yes, it has helped me focus and think a bit clearer and get this into some sort of perspective, I have had bad days but been able to find some good amongst the angst.

I felt a bit down last night and went preparing to do into hibernation mode at 8pm when I realised I wasn't making an effort to spend time with hubby. So we watched a film together and I felt better and stayed up until 11. I had a mini anxiety attack when I heard some noise outside but it didn't last and I slept all night.

I really want to get better and I am using the power of positive thinking to help me. So a big thank you to everyone on here and those of you who kindly read my posts and reply, to means a lot.

Sending my positive vibes out there so anyone who needs some love. x

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sound like very positive night.


hi tara and well done you for making the effort, i bet hubby was pleased to spend more time with you. i have it the other way around, my partner is tired from working long shifts so goes to bed early and as ive slept during day due to sleep routine problems, im left on sofa watching tv alone. xxx i hope you find courage to do it again soon. take care xxx


Thanks Cookie, it is hard to find a balance. I am a morning person always up before 8am and then off to work. Hubby is at home all day, but doesn't get up until later then stays up most the night reading. I like a little sleep during the day but then I find it hard to be up again, sleeping is the only time my mind rests. X


mine too tara, just cant shut the brain down like i used to be able to when i was well and working. then it was the job that set off my problem, viscious circle of life lol xxx


Hi tara

I am glad you are finding the site such a help love , it is good to see you are not alone & be able to see how others cope

Give yourself some praise as well , you wanted to get out the way at 8 , but you stopped up till 11 , thought of hubby , watched a film , to others that dont understand this may not seem anything , but to us that do , thats a big achievement

Yes another one here , I wish my brain had an on / of switch , but it hasnt , but with support we will all learn how to control it better ;-)

Keep posting





Hi tara Its great that you have a partner and someone to cheer your lonely moments even if the hours can be a bit disorganised. Even asleep its another persont o share you life and all the worries. Keep focussed on the positive. With love cotonroad


Hi Tara this is great and I think people overlook the little things in life that mean so much. I'm glad this site is helping you I think it's so valuable to read other people's experiences, it makes you realise that you are not alone and that there at some really good supportive people out there. My brain was crazy a few months ago but with the help of my therapist its now less busy with the rubbish stuff so its got room for the nice stuff. keep going you will get there. take care love eve x


Thank you all for your lovely comments and support. My head is starting to clear a bit, I know it takes St Johns Wort weeks to kick in but I feel a bit better already, it also has a lot to do with my thinking pattern. More importantly I think too much, over analyse and drive myself mad, because I had been so down I have been neglecting my garden after the wind blew the fence down. Today I got out there and cut down some bushes and mended the fence. It's a big step away from actually sitting out there (it has shared access with other neighbours) because I feel a bit self conscious and anxious but I did something constructive and I am pleased with myself.


Well done hun & so you should be pleased with yourself :-)

I am the same , i like fencing because i am self conscious , but I do think people do like their privacy all we need is the sun :-D



hi Tara, pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better and spent some time with your hubby. he probably appreciated it! Im trying to learn that our feelings are created by our thoughts, if we constantly concentrate on the negative and tell ourselves everything is awful we will feel bad! Easy to say, but Im very much like yourself, overanalyse and Overthink everything, if this happens, this will lead to this etc, etc. I think it's all about trying to catch those negative thoughts every time they come up and force ourselves to think something else or do some activity that we have to concentrate on. There was a Teach yourself to knit booklet in the Mail yesterday and Im thinking of having a go. I've read knitting can be very soothing.


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