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Happiness trap anyone read/reading it??

Hi all just wondered if anyone had read or is reading the happiness trap x Its not the total cure for anxiety as its more to just break free from worry and be happy. BUt it has some damn good pointers. From feeling like we do as we had it programmed into us as children to the silly things we do to make it go away which make it worse.

I'm only on page 106 so a long way to go and i have not noticed physical changes in the way i think etc but i started on thursday x Got to give it time x

I did find my happiness at one stage when the advice was when a horrid thought pops into your head or a feeling such as " Im useless" try repeating it over and over in the sound of mickey mouse. I must admit the sound of mickey telling me i was f***** useless was comedy in itself lol xx

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Hi donver, I think someone recommended this book last week. I made a note of it. I'm going to try the library to have a quick look at it, if they have it. I've bought a few books on anxiety so far, will have huge collection if I'm not careful. Sometimes it's just one small thing in a book that can make a difference. x


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