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i did it

Hello thought id fill u in on my successes to encourage u that u can do it.I walked over that bridge again i fear and i managed to actually get to tescos from the bridge which is about 25 min walk.I actually walked in aswell its a busy shopping centre so lots of people and i didnt go early its was about 10.15am yest morn.I walked in slowly in one entrance and right though the other side out the other entrance.I did have my dad with me for support though but i did it.Then walked slowly back over the bridge again to get back to the car.I did feel awful i was so lightheaded and my chest was so tight and i felt like i was guna fall over but i did it carried on regardless floated on.Then when we got back to the car i said to my dad lets go for longer drive so we did this is another fear travelling in the car.Today i also went to my local shops with my dad and actually went in shop on my own and dad waited outside and i queued to get my electric i hate queuing and even though i felt symptoms rise i stayed put this is another fear.Then this afternoon i went to my sisters and actually stayed for an hour on my own i walked there which is 10 mins away then i came home.I felt awful at my sisters i was swaying and my heart was racing and i had like a suffocated feeling like strangulation but i stayed and i was really anxious just couldnt relax but i told myself this is normal and its sensitisation exaggerated feelings.Ive wrote all this down in my success journal.I never thought id be able to go in a supermarket again or ever see my sister again at her house.I hope i can help others like me see that u can do it.I know ive got a long way to go but with continued practice and just letting go and carrying on we can do this.

lots of love

claire xxxx

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Well done Claire uve done very we, and im really happy for you. U go girl lol xxx


Oh bless you ......I'm so happy for you, you've kept going through all those horrible symptoms of feeling lightheaded etc. That's a wonderful achievement.

You are a strong person to have done that and in future you can remind yourself no matter what you have been strong and done the most difficult things ......unless you have felt those panicky feelings you can't imagine how difficult it is.

Breathing out slowly for a count of say 5 and in for 5 might help with the dizziness a little when you go out. Concentrate on your breathing and imagine the breath coming in and filling you with strength and power to do what you have to do.

Best Wishes PL


Hello thankyou for your helpful tips on breathing i do need to practice more at it.Need to rememeber to breathe from my belly not chest.It isnt easy having to dare to put yourself in fearful situations but theres no other way of coming out the other side.I hope u are ok

love claire x

Reply brave are you??? See how far you have come? and you are still here to tell us what you did lol ! Yes you are doing a great job, you will gradually desenitise bit by bit. The Journal is a good idea as well. My God how much you got through yesterday! could you ever have imagined you doing all of that ! I bet you slept well last night!. Beware of any doubts that creep in,,,, you can do it! many can't even think about it lovie. As P/L says it is imporant to practise the breathing. I'm addicted to counting my breathing now lol. Ah bless you my sweet! I'm so proud and happy for you . Roast Pork by any chance for lunch?????

Many Hugs and Much Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hello Ellabella tthankyou for your kinds words and encouragement.It wasnt isnt what i done yesterday i had a few turn back moments and stopped a couple of times and had to have words with myself alot but i got there.I must remember the breathing excercises and remember to use my belly for breathing as dizzyness is my main symptom.Im having roast chicken for dinner today just me and my dad cant beat roast on sunday lol.I hope ur ok too i dont think i would have got this far if it wasnt for yours and others words of encouragement on here means alot.Sending u much love n hugs back xxxxx


Hi Claire WELL DONE! I am so pleased for you. These are the moments to remember when we feel low. You have made my day.




Isn't it just lovely Sandra! Claire brings me so much joy with her posts. She is a little star xxx


well done claire,that took a lot of courage,but you did it,and as my dr says ,this is as bad as it gets,you didn't fall down,you didn't faint,so everytime you go out now keep those thoughts in your head,those anxious feelings can only get better,and eventually disappear altogether,it takes time and effort,but WELL DONE YOU XXXXX


Claire, you are amazing! :)

Try walking with your hand on your belly so you can feel the breath going in where it needs to to fight the dizziness.

One important thing i was taught is that those legs may feel wobbly but thats the adrenaline rushing to them to get them ready for you to fight or flight. So while it feels like you may fall over it is actually the opposite and they would be stronger than normal!



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