When things get bad and I have worries on my mind,

When I feel sad and life just doesn't seem too kind!

I say, 'so what,' it shouldn't matter much to me

'Don't give a jot, things must get better, you will see.'

Well, I am broke and find it hard to pay my way.

I make a joke, and this is what I mean to say,

'So life's a bitch and everything seems to go wrong.

I am not rich, but something's sure to come along.'

When my heart breaks, when it's been battered and abused,

My body aches, but I shan't let them see I'm bruised.

I'll force a grin and I'll pretend I'm having fun,

But cry within and never let them think they've won.

And soon enough, sunshine and laughter I shall feel.

And once again the happiness will be for real.


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5 Replies

  • This is lovely. Really positive and confident. I'm going to keep reading this and try to remember all the good things about myself. Thank you. Have a good day. X

  • This is nice.



  • Hi

    We seem to have so many talented members on here & poetry been one of those talents

    Your poem really expresses how so many feel when dealing with anxiety

    Thank you for sharing it with us :-)




  • Hi there:)

    What a lovely positive post:)


  • So glad you all liked it. Not everyone likes poetry but I find it therapeutic. If it makes someone smilebjustbfor a few minutes, then I've achieved something!

    Thanks for reading and I wish you all many, many feel-good times! Xxx

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