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So I've been scared if traveling for two years and its KILLING me, seriously, I can't even go in sleepovers. I really doesn't help when you family don't support and understand you, they just tell you your being stupid and that you'll be stuck at home your whole life (hmm, how encouraging). Anyway, 2014 has been the shitest year a year can be, some of it so personal I'm to worried to put it in my diary, and my family sprung it on me that we are going on holiday. So I did what I've never done before. I said "cool" with my heart beating and jelly like legs, then went in the my room, struggled to breath and collapsed. I then felt sick and cried. It was 4 months ago then, now its 2 days. Plus now we are going camping then a cruise next year, but I can feel the nausea coming on. I am only young and don't want to live my life like this forever, please does anyone have the same problem or have any tips to get rid of it? If you do, please comment it :) xx Doodle xx

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Hi Waterdoodle. I think you have agoraphobia. Its a fear of leaving the home but can also relate to travel to places you don't know well. I suffered from this too at certain times in my life. Once I didn't leave my house for a couple weeks out of fear. If you take care of your mental health first through medication for anxiety, or through coping methods, and cognitive methods of small steps, you will find yourself capable of going on trips. This all relates back to panic. I assume the jelly legs was a panic attack. Don't worry, this is normal with your condition. Just be sure to remind people that you have agoraphobia/panick disorder/anxiety condition, and then get your family to understand it. Teach them. I hope they stop treating you poorly. It upsets me that they treat you that way. Inform them of your issue and if they don't trust you get a diagnosis.

Hope that helps,



Thank you! I'm glad I'm not the only one, and I will read up on agoraphobia and try and find a way to cope :) god this website has helped xxx


I'm very sorry that you feel this way. Would it help to talk about the holiday with your family and maybe agree to do certain things that you enjoy doing each day. Plan into the holiday special treats. before you go look into relaxation exercises that you can do to relax your mind and body. As a non agoraphobic I wanted to offer some help but not sure it will.




Hi water doodle I've been like you for over ten years I havnt been able to go on holiday with my husband I am physically sick when he mentions it even going out for the day I panick that I'm going to be sick so I do feel for you start with little steps that's what I'm doing take care xx


Hi Waterdoodle,

Think positive, be positive and plan things in your life, go out for short periods of time and gradually increase the time your out.Take regular trips to shops, parks, etc. Do you have a neighbours or friends Pet dog you could take for short walks?

You are already being positive!

Because you said I dont want to be like this!

Go for it, best wishes.


I really have let myself down today, I was determined I would go out in the car with my son his two young children and my husband who has copd. I was going to the beach about an hour away, I was really hyped up this morning, as I haven't travelled. On holiday or a day out about ten years, and I got my son to use his Tom Tom. To get there not going on the fast lane. His Tom Tom broke down twice, and he was also late picking me up, when we finally got on way, I felt terrible the kids were noisy,means I felt like terrible, as if I was going to go mad or faint, we were on the country lanes . And I said I can't do it, the response was. Don't start crying. W e. went to the local park , with the kids disappointed, I feel like a failu,re, and I don't think I will ever be able to do this again, I don't think I had the support in the car which was a four by four, and I seemed very uncomfortable, I really feel to keep trying is just putting pressure on me, as I wanted to go, but the anxiety feelings were too strong , and with the children in the back I felt that I was being a coward, sometimes I feel like giving up, as my husband is ill with copd and has a chest infection. I couldn't even walk properley today and I felt like I was going to faint. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. I know how water doodle is feeling, I haven't any family or friends my sister was my friend , she died 6 years ago. And I was a carer to my mother until a year ago, when she dies. So I was always on the move but still had travelling issues and anxiety but not so bad, my son said to me today, why don't you go and get hypnotised. Thanks. X


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