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Holiday phobia


I booked a family holiday Friday to Greece.

Ever since I have been feeling sick, unable to breath, crying lots and feel like I'm very very anxious.

( I'm normally happy , smiley, no meds )

I have managed to hide this from my daughter so far.

I went to the doctor and he just asked ...after I explained myself...why exactly are you here!! Made me feel stupid, he did give me 4 d/pan 5ml tablets for the plane.

I always get anxious before holidays but this year I am especially bad,(so bad that I'm contemplating not going) I have never been this bad before ever, I really don't want to let my family down, does anyone please have any ideas how I can help myself with this matter, without not going lol.

I did have a bad experience in my early twentys in Mexico with breathing as it was to hot , I do not have very good lung capacity and I'm claustrophobic , but I went to the Caribbean last year, did get stressed but nothing like this...any help would be much appreciated , I'm supposed to go in two days and it's not looking good.....

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If you don't want to go just be upfront with your fam. They will understand. But if you want to face your fear it will be very hard but may it will be worth it


Is it because of the incidents/ accidents with Air Malaysia. Sometimes we just don't know what is bothering us. I suggest taking meds though I'm very much against them....but sometimes if we really feel as bad as you are now, perhaps one little pill may help. Do u have any reasons to be anxious? If not u have to talk yourself out of it.....go for a run and take deep breathing exercises.


Thank you, I think I'm more conserved regarding the heat strange, my body temperature feels like a furnace as I'm going through the change and adding more heat is just stressing me out.


Mmmm so u can put a lot down to The Change.....luckily I never suffered but heard it can be tough. Is there anything u can take to keep you at bay. Any herbal stuff. I am an Aussie living in the dreaded heat of Bangkok...... But slowly adjusting. I would check out what you can do or take for The Change.....


I feel for you honey. I have always been a very anxious person and going on holiday has always stressed me out however over the years I seem to have got worse! So much so that last year I got all the way to the airport and panicked and I couldn't go, my family went without me! I don't blame them to be honest and they have forgiven me for it since however it is putting me off booking a holiday this year for the fear that I will freak out and not go. My daughter is only 8 and loves going on holiday and I feel so selfish for not taking her yet this year. I am desperate to go on holiday but I am so scared that I might freak out and not go again. I do hope that you manage to find the courage to go on holiday as you will have a wonderful time once you are there but I can understand how you feel. Keep us updated how you get on xx


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