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Scared of loosing control!

Hi guys I dont often post on here but my anxiety has been really bad the past month or so and its getting me so down! I just feel so alone! I constantly worry about loosing control when Im around other people and that I am going to start shouting obsenities or say something inappropriate. Does/has anyone else ever experienced this before? And if so how do you get over this. Its getting to a point now that Im scared to be in a public place and that I dont want to leave the house or socialise. Please help :( x

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We all suffer from what you are explaining above, this is part of the condition and that is why we all need a dose of medication to numb the problems we have

Personally I have been a recluse now for near on 15 years.

We moved not long ago to a country area and I am beginning to now become more active as the village is really just a hamlet and we own two bungalows on the edge. Our local neighbours are good and we do not have the traffic annd we are now set back a good distance from the road. This has taken us so long to do this and it is wonderful.

Now I do not suggest everyone can do this I am now 63, and I have been ill now for thirty years and we have been lucky to be able to do this, now when I arrive home the peace is wonderful, although I still have panic attacks and anxiety when dealing with people coming into my home and those coming to do work etc so we seem to suffer for a long time and if not cured fast can make this feeling last for years and years, I now feel like I am on probation to my condition and someone will come along and slam the prison door again

With regard to the telephone I avoid it like the plague. So you are not alone, I wish things were different although I suppose it has gone on too long now as I am in my mid sixties

Sorry I cannot help regarding this, it is important that if possible you can control these feeling as soon as you can you may be able to fight above before it may get too late

All the best, good luck


Are you better if you go out with someone else. Perhaps you could start going to small groups. I used to feel very self conscious and hated meeting people, it did get better when I got older but I still don't like large groups. You could speak to the doctor, do you feel anxious or depressed, there is often an underlying cause. Sorry I can't be more helpful. Take care


I feel anxious pretty much all the time holly, which inturn makes me feel very low. I have an appointment at the doctors next week so hopefully they will be able to recommend some kind of treatment as I feel like im loosing my mind :( its awful x



Yeah I think those feelings are all normal for us who suffer with anxiety........ Hope that you feel some relief soon xx



Glad you have posted , hope you will more as people are such a big support & it really does help

Sounds like this is another fear that comes with anxiety , just like some are afraid to have a panic attack while out or maybe faint & so on

The more we fear these things happening the more anxiety we feel & it goes round in a circle feeding the fear which feeds the anxiety

Easier said than done , but if we can say , come on do your worse , it does help to eliminate the fear , its not easy , but in time it gets better

Try going to just quite places , where not a lot of people are about , even if you feel the urge that you may shout out , just sing in your head & let the urge & thought come & go & as you see this fear is not going to actually happen , it will get easier

Let us no how you go on :)





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