Scared of Melanoma PLS HELP :(

Scared of Melanoma PLS HELP :(

Hi everyone Sorry I keep on posting I just need your opinions. I have this mole that I suddenly panicked about after reading a pamphlet about melanoma. I scheduled an appointment with the derma 2 weeks from now but the wait is killing me.

Im 19 and asian, no history of MM in family nor sunburns, i have a dark complexion. I just have this atypical mole I had since I was very young on my thigh (will post a pic) and now that I look at it I dont know if it ever changed at all and Im scared bec what if it did years ago and i just didnt notice bec i was so used to it? Im scared my fam says it's been this way forever but idk what do u guys think?


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  • I have one on my stomach similar which I have worry-sessions over every now and then. I keep checking but I don't think it's changed for decades.

    Just part of the health anxiety thing.

  • does it look like mine? how big is it? :(

  • About a half inch by a quarter inch. Two colour (dark centre with light brown/tan outer ring) with a bit of an irregular boarder.

  • Hi is the the same mole you posted about a few days ago or a new one?

  • it is the same mole :)

  • I think you need to get it checked out once and for all to give you peace of mind. No body on here can give you a conclusive diagnosis. Better coming from a Doctor if you are still worried.

  • Any updates?

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