Anxious right now

Hi all.

Hope your well.

I am currently writing this as i am at the start ofan anxiety attack. I have butterflies in my tummy, shaking, sweaty and just thoughts that im going to faint or something is badly wring with me.

Does this sound like an attack orcould there be something wring with me. Iv fely this way since i got up.

Any ideas in how to stop it in its tracks would be appreciated. Im currently starting cbt but not working for me so far.




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13 Replies

  • I get morning anxiety attacks to it will pass with time u just have to try and take your mind off it bye talking to some one or play games on your phone but just don't Google your symptoms because that will just make it worse I hope u fill better soon here if u need to talk

  • Thanks so much for your reply. The worst part did pass as my friend came over and this meant i was distracted. However the heavy cheat feeling is still there, can this last all day? It feels really tight and having health anxiety this makes me worry about heart probs etc....erghhh its never ending isnt it. X

  • I have the same symptoms about fainting but I just not bothered now I think so what if I faint I don't care someone will help me if it happens. Have you had test done like bloods taken etc ?

  • I did about a year or so ago and they were ok and also had a chest xray about 3 months ago and that was fine. X

  • I never knew anxiety was so commonplace until I started with attacks. After telling a friend about it, I even found out he had suffered from the exact same thing! He sent me a picture of a page from a he had been reading about dealing with the symtoms. Simple illustration of a seascape with the words...

    "You cannot stop the waves, but you can learn to surf", simple thing, but that has stuck by me since and helps beat it down! Hope you're feeling better now?

  • Thats such good words! I will try to remember them. The worst passed but i have had a heavy tight feeling in my chest all day, have you had this? Its so tiring trying to fight against anxiety most days. X

  • Definitely! I go through waves with it. Can be fine for a couple of weeks then once it's back it takes some shifting again. Main thing I think is staying positive. I've noticed that accepting it the anxiety as the root cause has helped. It's a snowball effect and getting anxious about anxiety only drags it out. It's hard to accept when the physical symptoms are so real, but just shows the power of the mind I think! There are some pretty good audio books on audible as well that I've found have helped. Will start a new thread for these in a moment as I I've found them really good

  • I also suffer reflux so im guessing this could have aggrevated my chest after the anxiety attack? X

  • Im no GP but my GP did say that the too are definately linked. I started with anxiety the same time as the reflux, so really dont know which started first, or ever does! My doc said it's pretty much like the chicken and the egg, so I think the best bet is to try and manage both - reflux with diet and lifestyle, (cut out tomatoes, coffee, onions spicy food, alcohol etc)

  • Yeah iv heard people talk about audio books but theres so many i never know what one to try so any recomendations would be good. The dr prescribed propranolol for as and when needed but im even to anxious to take that as i worry about what will happen if i take it and it doesnt agree with me or makes me worse. Vicious circle really x

  • Yeah think we are similar on that one - I really don't like taking any medication if possible. I'm always concerned with the side effects (dont even take paracetemol unless I have to!), but suppose if it doesn't subside I would give it a try, problem is GP's are less likely to advise further or offer alternatives until you've gone through the motions.

  • Yeah this is true, i guess i shoukd try one if this lasts a few days. The gp did also tell me how safe they were but unfortunately anxiety emotions over rule trust and being realistc lol. Im currently taking omeprazole for my reflux but still think the way my chest feels right now must have something to do with the reflux. Thanks for your advice by the way.

  • Anytime! Yeah I'm on similar (lansoprazole) and don't feel like it's doing much really, so may start taking two a day (know my mum already does!). I already take gaviscone and remmies up until a few hours before and after, so may have to cut those down. Trouble I have with the reflux, is that once Im feeling ok, I forget & its too easy to slip into bad habits, so need to work out more of a routine with it I think! Good luck and hope you're feeling right soon!

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