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Finally not alone!!

I didnt realise until i joined this site how many people actually suffer like me.. See i dont think theres anything wrong with us at all! Ive spoken to some of the most nicest, down to earth people on here and i think that GOD or someone or something has made us like this so we can help eachother through it! Likes hes given the nicest strongest people this illness so the weaker and most vulnerable wont have to suffer! If your reading this and you think your weak then slap yourself and fix up! Because no1 else could deal with this like how we do! Were special and unique! Id rather be unique than normal anyday :p love to all!!!!!!! Xx

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Awww it's so nice of you to post it :) we're well strong indeed. And we will do our best to control our anxiety. Good luck worriers! xxx

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Hello Sammy I am glad to see it has given you so much hope to see you are not alone now you have found this forum

I agree , we are very strong , loving & caring people

Not sure I will slap myself though , think I will pass on that one :D

I wish I could just fix this for me & everyone else , but what we can do , is keep sharing are experiences , strength & hope with each other & we may all have different paths we have to take to find recovery , but I do believe we will all get there , including you :)





Hey sammy, welcome, yes we are special and stronger for it:)

When your down the only way is up and when your up,you are stronger person for it. I say to my self every day" there's no space for negativity in my head today!" It's become my mantra:))!! Thanks for sharing your positive post :) x

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Hey yummimummy i will borrow your mantra xx


Go for it Hun xx:)


Hi sammy:-)


Glad you have found us:-)

Hugs to you@-}--x


What a great blog, Sammy! I love this. There are some of the most caring and strong people on this forum and like you say, even when we feel weak we need to remember how strong we are that we've battled with anxiety this far and we'll be damned if we're going to give up!

We can see it one of two ways - either we're unlucky for having anxiety or we're so fortunate for having so much strength and compassion because of it!

Big hugs,

Katy xx


I was diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder back in March and finally got rid of it at the end of July. (I know it may re-appear but at least I'll know what it is and recognise the symptoms if it returns!)

At the time, I posted about my diagnosis to friends on facebook and I was very surprised at how many posted back that they have (or have had) similar bouts of anxiety and/or depression. Some didn't post publically but sent me private messages to say "I know what you're going through... Hang on in there... etc"

So many people suffer it and deal with it in various ways. The same things don't work for everybody, but at least on here you get a sympathetic ear and support and you can say what you want and no one thinks you're being silly or unreasonable. Talk away... we'll all listen...


Awww all your replys were lush guys :D xxxx


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