Can ostioprosis be diagnosed without a bone scan?

I can`t remember whether I mentioned this at the time, but some months ago I had a letter from my doctor`s practice saying that I had been diagnosed with ostioporosis. It scared the hell out of me. I went straight to see my gp, & asked him about it. He didn`t know anything about it, but prescribed me calcium & vitamin d just the same. He also arranged me to have a bone scan ( I`m still waiting for my appointment) I had a routine scan 12 years ago which showed up normal, but I can`t stop worrying about this. How can they find ostioporosis without a bone scan. I`m terrified that I`ll trip over, or some moron who isn`t looking where theyr`e going will bump into me in the street, knock me over, & I`ll end end up in hospital with a hip fracture, & we all know what happens then, Most people who break a hip don`t survive.

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  • In a nutshell, No hun xxx

  • About the hip hun, i worked with the elderly for years and quite a few had broken hips at some stage of their lives and survived to tell the tale, alot of physio involved but they got through it. xxx fear not hun, im sure you will get through this. xxx

  • I think you need a bone density test done or I may be wrong. Perhaps your doctor is psychic

  • Holly you make me laugh :D

    Mimii x

  • I wish I had a psychic doctor! Xx

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