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Will I be ok and cope naturally without medication?

I suffer from some form of anxiety, started few months ago. I think I may have suffered a little bit as a kid. When anxiety started it was real bad. I was scared and panicked. Everyday n night I had bad thoughts in my head thinking I'm gonna die or stop breathing. I sweated and shaked. Constantly thought about my breathing. Stayed in bed and lost my appetite for food. I have got better, I'd like to know why or how I got better. I still do suffer from anxiety but its not as bad. I'd like to talk to people who can relate to me. :)

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Hello Lyndsey, I've been through exactly the same as you over last few months hun and the thoughts that I'm going to drop dead have had me in some right old states with anxiety and panics!

I have also got better but can't explain exactly how I just know I'm better than I was but not 100% just yet. I do know that this site helps so much.

I also haven't taken tablets although I was given them but my anxiety at the thought of taking them was horrific at times so decided that taking them wouldn't be an option right now!

So I would say yes it is possible for some people to improve without meducation but some may benefit from taking them!

I hope you feel much better soon!!!

I can definitely relate to your situation and I'm sure many others on here will too. Don't hesitate to express your thoughts feelings on here it really helps


Hi PB, thanks for reply. I had bit of an anxiety attack. It lasted few mins and started to look for a site that will have people like me that suffer from this. I felt better reading through others posts. I'm glad I have coped without medication and manage to deal with it everyday much better than I did at the start. I am more happier. But still get bad a little bit sometimes. I always tell myself that I'm fine and its not serious. :)


Youre welcome for reply I hope it helped.

I'm having an episode now, it usual comes at bedtime as I think I'm not going to wake in the morning so I get anxiety about going to sleep. So I try to tell myself the same as you, I'm fine, it's not serious, my heart is ok! Half the time I don't believe myself (lol) but I get there in the end.

Oh and I've also stopped watching scary films because it makes me worse so you really aren't alone trust me!


Wow that's so like me. I think night times make me feel ill cause I think I won't wake up in morning. I hate night times and feel much better when there is daylight lol. And scary films were my fave to watch. Now I don't watch any at all. I don't even want to hear any scary films if I boyfriend was watching them. The worst thing I suffered was constantly thinking about my breathing, it's not as bad now. But I have been getting into a habit of coughing up any flem that's in my throat as I'm paranoid it may block my throat. I hope you feel better soon. I'm feeling much better talking to u :)


Lol same here i loved scary films my bf was always more scared than me but now its me who says no lets watch a romantic film lol.

Have you been to talk to your gp? Had any counciling or CBT?


Lol I hate romantics but now I'd watch them any day :D and no, I don't see how they can help me. They prob would offer medication but I don't want any, I think I can cope without seeing docs. I'm just trying to take each day as it comes. I know I will always have this.. But all I can do is try and stay positive. My bf is there for me when I get bad. I read lots about anxiety and its harmless. (Even though it feels like I could die lol)


well it sounds like you're doing very well hun!! If you ever do decide to see your GP or have CBT or councilling, they may offer you medication but you don't have to take it if you don't want to. But councilling and CBT are good though so keep that in mind eh.

Good luck with everything (and if you can suggest any good romantic movies it'll be great cos I haven't seen a good one yet lol)

Take care


hi guys, lynsey i'm exactly like you, mediction is the very last resort for me, i find reading self help books on confidence and guided relaxation videos on youtube at bedtime helps alot :)

i've also done cbt for 6 months for my healt anxiety and panic and that helped while i was there. but since it ended my health anxiety sems to be creeping up on me again.

but i just try except that thats all it is, and trust what my doctors are telling me.

best wishes



Hi Lynsey

I've had a course of cbt which helped a bit but things have worsened for me recentlyso my GP gave me citalopram. I haven't taken it yet though because like you I'm not sure I want to rely on something. I am reading some books about mindfulness and have just bought a good book about mindfulness and anxiety. I think finding ways to soothe yourself and gain some control over the thoughts and feelings is really important because that will lead to lasting change. I have GAD and The Worry Cure is a book that has also really helped me. Exercise also helps. I might end up having to take the citalopram but I want to use other non-medical ways of coping long term. Good luck x


Thx guys, I have a part time Job now and has helped me being more active. I'm on a healthy diet now also to lose weight. I hope it don't make my anxiety worse. :)


Sounds like you're doing all the right things lynsey. Keep positive and carry on as you are and hopefully you're anxiety decreases and goes away all together.

Best wishes



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