Another benifit sanction on the way?

I signed on on Wednesday, & according to the clerk who signed me, I didn`t sign on to a jobsearch website that I was told to the last time that I signed on. I did, but for some reason it didn`t register. I resigned onto the website, but the clerk has already written to the DWP about it, so I assume that they`ll be stopping me at least another fortnight`s benefit. I wish that it was 2015, & I could pick up my old age pension & be done with these people!


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  • Its crap the way the benefit section works x The fact the we rely so heavily on computers and they cannot be wrong ever! I think its shocking they can stop benefits without a thought to how these people eat or stay warm when these cuts take force. Then not to mention the fact they pay pittance. I used to argue with an old neighbour as he was one of these people should not get dole blah blah x he assumed people on the dole had big flash tvs, and all the latest gadgets tanks to these tv shoes about Britain biggest scroungers xx Sorry rant over xx Hope you get it sorted xx

  • .Me too there ass holes neva give u. a chance they sit there buzzing dying 2 sanction u for the least little things the jobworths we dont all have big tellies n the latest gadgets either I've got no qualifications and was married for yrs and I'm 50 where are the jobs I apply every day get no reply .rant over lol

  • Its all shocking in the town i live you have one single mother of over 40 who has to go look for like 60 jobs a week to not get her benefit stopped x she also had to go onto a 8 week course to gain confidence in the workplace, then we have single mam who is 24, 6 jobs a week max to look for if she can as they dont want pressure her x and then a load of lads dossing about causing trouble claiming dole x Who decides the rules x Im 36 and have no qualifications and anxiety meaning i dont do people !! where the hell should i work lol x

  • Hi There,

    I know what you mean about signing on. It made my anxiety 100 times worse that is why I had to go to the docs and get signed off. Trouble is my sick note will run out soon and I am dreading going back to signing on again.

    So I sort of know how you feel. gardener x

  • hi ,it is a disgrace, a few of our friends are totally blind with guide dogs, they have been taken off their benefits and told to work, no consideration of how they would even get to work. country is run by multi -milllioners who don't have a clue about working class people. I would put them all on the dole for a year and see how they could manage their finances.x

  • Thats shocking Newton x Why do people like this have to suffer when there are people who don't want a job and say so in the papers x Its a mad world, like you say most of these fat cats could,nt live on the money they pay out on the dole. x

  • I get really fed up with people who are lucky enough to have a job that pays enough to live on going on about how easy life is on the dole. they should swap places with people like me for a few weeks in the winter, when it`s freezing, & there`s no money for heating. I apply for 5 jobs a week minimum, but no replies so far. I could have been one of those women who have kids just for the benefits when I was younger, but I decided against it. By doing so, I think that Iv`e helped the gene pool!

  • Thats how my neighbour used to be Hairy x He had a job that paid well so he went on an on, used to say things to me like Im pleased you have been out food shopping dont forget i paid for it with my taxes x I cannot afford to put my heating on with 3 kids !! I sit all day wrapped in a cardigan so i can save the heating allowance for when the kids come home from school x Socking mad world, mind you my ex neighbour got his comeuppance, he got done for fiddling the tax credits lolx

  • hi donver, serves the sod right,i am so glad I am retired now, so its not so bad for us, but for people actually looking for work they are still thought of as scroungers. its disgusting, it makes me so mad about the whole system, any more views on this? as it cannot be any good for ones anxiety's. xx

  • Hi Newton, it saddens me that decent people who have lost there jobs through no fault of there own, are then labelled with the same scrounger status x It stinks x Glad you are,nt suffering like this x My hubby lost his job after 30 plus years of being a class one driver due to redundancy and then rheumatoid arthritis and people call him lazy as he dosnt work x If they knew the meds he was on to make it through one day x x

  • hi fairy

    I have to deal with those numptys through my dad...he is 59 with angina and bad feet, they don't give him a break, the only work he can get is post office mail sorting xmas temp every year - he can't wait to start on the 25th just to get away for a few weeks...if he didn't have me, my kids and his sister-in-law he wouldn't have a life

    sam xx

  • Reading about the smug a***hole who got done for fiddling cheered me up a bit. As for getting a temporary job for Christmas, I tried temp work once, & not only was the pay not worth it, but I got stuck with a council tax bill on top. I ended up wishing that I hadn`t bothered. I seriously wish that I could turn the clock forward a couple of years, so that I could say good bye to signing on, & also qualify for a heating allowance, that`s if the government don`t decide to stop it, that is.

  • The whole system is totaly unfair and is not at all geared up to the individual and their individual circumstances. You can't put everyone in the same box. I personally think the media has a lot to answer for when they highlight people that maybe abusing the system. headlines such as family of four living on whatever a week really don't help. What about the people who don't claim what they are entailed to.

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