hello, i am just recovering from an attack of interstitial cystitis, god knows where that came from but they say stress can cause it, i couldn,t get to see a doctor for 5 days so i went to A and E, the pain was quite bad. Of course in my head i thought i had bowel cancer, i am fed up with my health anxiety, it is making me become a recluse, but some days i don,t feel 100 percent anyway. I won,t go back on my antidepressant because i was getting a lot of missed heartbeats which i,m going to see a specialist for on 22 december.


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  • Hi I am myself at the moment battling with health anxiety.. and it is awful but once we have seen a doctor and had a diagnosis we really need to accept that.. stress and anxiety can be hard to live with and have sent me into reclusive states many times.. good luck with it and hope you get on OK on 22nd :)

  • You are like me, i am going through a bad time at the moment with anxiety and palpitations, its like living in a nightmare world. My mother died with bowel cancer at 68 and i can remember her suffering, i panic when i get pain in that direction because that is what she first diagnosed with, she lived 4 months after that.

  • we just have to live in hope delith and hope for the best.. good luck my friend x

  • I'm so sorry to hear all you have been going through. I agree on stopping the antidepressant. I would much rather take a natural antidepressant. I pray for you to feel better and to ditch all the worry...

  • When you feel so low that you can,t enjoy anything or sleep and think you would be better off in heaven, believe me i will take anything and am starting back on my antidepressants, i keep delaying because they make you feel worse at first.

  • Im so sorry for what you are going through. Wishing you better days.

  • Thankyou! just a blip i,m sure i,ll get over, must be positive!

  • Is so hard when you feel like crap! My aunt gave me a DVD last year and I just finally watched it, it's called "The Secret" it was helpful to me...I think I should watch it every day..praying for you!

  • i went to church regularly, then i stopped because i moved, it gave me support just believing. I am a private person who doesn,t like to show weakness , people do not see this illness because its inside your head. This support is a great help for all of us because we sympathise with others and know what it feels like.x

  • Hi,

    I'm very sorry that you are having a hard time. I pray that all goes well on December 22nd and I wish you happier, healthier, better days ahead!

  • Thankyou for all your kind remarks, i appreciate them very much. x

  • Hi

    Sorry to hear you have had interstial cystitis - I was diagnosed with it several years ago.

    I did eventually see a forward thinking Consultant who said diet can cause IC. He said to cut out sugar, fizzy drink & preservatives especially sulphur dioxide ( in bacon etc).

    Did that & made a huge difference.

    Hope that helps. Xx

  • Thankyou, i eat healthy but like sugary things, i will cut down now after suffering for 5 days. I hope it never comes back!

  • Hi from past 3 months or so I m extremely stressed like 24*7 because of health anxiety I think I have bowel cancer ,I have lost 5kg in 2 months instead of eating well,My bowel habits have changed completely I feel abdomen pain on and off I get feverish feeling pain in shoulders and knee, hips pain etc consistent soft stool mucus in stool.I am just 23 year old but I feel like 80 these days I have a constant fear of dying these days I just dont want to die now so much to do Please help If some body knows what is going wrong

  • It is not bowel cancer, you are far too young, it is health anxiety, i am 67 and have had this from age 28, and i,ve lived through hell with depression too. Do not worry, i sympathise with you, i wish i could hold your hand and reassure you that all is well, we all get pain in all sorts of places all through out life especially with period pain and ovulation. x

  • Another thought on periods, i had 3 children by the age of 25 then suffered badly with heavy periods, 28 more years of working and heavy periods, i look back and think why do we women have to suffer!

  • I am male so cant get period pain but I am more worried about weight loss and bowel change which is consistent from past 2 month

  • Sorry! couldn,t tell by your pic. Maybe you don,t eat properly, i lose my appetite when i,m depressed. Go to your doctor and tell him your concerns, i,ve had a colonoscopy which reassured me 2 years back that i didn,t have bowel cancer, but in my mind its waiting to happen. Anxiety is a horrible think and spoils the life of the person who experiences it. x

  • I hope it is not bowel cancer and I get over it as soon as possible

  • you may have an irritable bowel, my husband has colitis and inflammation in his intestine and believe me you could not go near the toilet after he,d been, excuse the remark! you would get bleeding and dark poos if it was cancer. I stress that you must see your doctor and ask for a test, they can do a poo sample, to check for cancer.

  • I learnt that doctors are very dismissive, but keep going back, they say you have to see a doctor 3 times before they refer you.

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