sertraline for anxiety what should i do ?

hello everyone my doctor gave me sertraline 50 mg tablets for my anxiety she said it would be ok to tack them in my pregnancy but i should look at the leaflet first .. i still did not have them iam afraid it would do something to my baby iam 26 weeks pregnant now .. i had a talk with my midwife she said it would be ok to tack them i had a look at the leaflet that came with my tablets there are some side effects to it .. i dont know what to do i want to take them so i can start fixing my anxiety but iam afraid of the side effects to it


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  • HI Glitter x I have never taken these tablets so I don't know to much about them but if the doctor and the midwife both say they are ok to take then they should be. As your baby is past the most crucial part of development they wont have any effect on that so it should be fine x It really up to you at the end of the day, if you would feel more comfortable waiting then do so x Sorry I could,nt be more help xx Donver x

  • This is a tricky decision to make. But you do realise that making this decision is making your anxiety worse? It's going round in circles in your head, I can feel it in your words.

    Go to a different doctor, get as many opinions as you can and if they all say it won't hurt your baby, then you can believe them. But you're right not to take one doctor's word as gold.

    In terms of yourself, I wouldn't recommend worrying over the side effects. I am on Citalopram and when I started my side effects were nothing compared to what was on the leaflet, in fact one of the side effects turned out to be a good thing for me (as messed up as that sounds!). You won't get all the side effects that are listed, that much is true.

    You won't feel any better until you make a decision, so speak to your doctor. At the end of the day, if you're not comfy taking them this may make your anxiety worse before the ADs work because you will be fearful for your baby. I don't know if you feel you can put off taking the meds until after the birth perhaps?

  • Hi

    I can understand your fear & I think it is quite normal to be feeling confused & afraid as taking meds when you are not pregnant can make us feel this way so when you are I can imagine your main concern will be your baby

    I wouldn't read the leaflet that comes with these meds , they have to list every side effect that has been reported even if its only 1 in a 1000 that have reported it so that can make our anxiety worse straight away & put us of !

    I am not a doctor but having seen your GP & the midwife I am sure they would not prescribe you anything that would harm you or your baby , it would be more than their job was worth !

    This has to be your decision though & I understand how difficult this must be , what ever you decide to do come on here & talk you will get lots of support :-)




  • thank u all for your support iam going to have a good think about it if i should or not tack them ... my anxiety is not good at all so i may need to star taking them

  • Hi

    Love your profile pic :-)

    Let us know what you decide to do & remember people are always here to listen & try & help if you need to talk :-)


  • thank u its my little boy :)

  • How wonderful !

    He looks very healthy & content :-)

    Have we chosen a name yet or is it a secret :-/

    We have at least one other member on here expecting a little boy at the moment there is quite a baby boom happening !


  • hes name is Mackenzie :)

  • Oh that is a lovely name :-)

    I have heard it before but no often , you have picked a really nice name :-)


  • thank you :)

  • hi glitter,my o/h is on sertraline 50mg, been on them about 9 months now, they have been very good, if you think of the side effects the other way 1/1000 will have some side effects but 999 prob won"t have any, I understand your worried about your baby, but as others have said your doc, would never give you them if they would hurt baby, but it is a decision only you can make. love jasper xx

  • its good to know that they are good iam thinking about it and i may start tacking them as my anxiety is not good

  • Shalom,

    I agree with what all the other members on the site have said.

    However, and this is the difference. The actual medication for me has been brilliant, but, and now becomes the question.

    This drug, in mine, and others experience takes a good 10 weeks or more to get into your system. Check it out, it works, but take's time to kick in.


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