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for everyone who i said i would tell about what happend at my day at college, were do i start?

firsty the college ave me the wrong time to go in so i was there far too early BUT, so did another person from my corse, this is how i made my new friend, we whent round the shops together and shes the compleete oppiset to me, i wear loads of tan and eye lashes and the bi scouce brown and accrillic nails and my idol is katie price... were as she hates make up, doesnt staritnern her hair or wear extentions and she prefars simple clothes instead of floral and pink and barbie like,

anyways it started with a subway..

a delishesh italian toasted bread with turkey ham, watering lettus and cucber and JURKINGSSS, and a bottle of osais mmm

when we whent into or first lesson i manged to see what everyone was like, theres a group of really loud poeple who have resat this year a few times (they are the older and scarey ones) then theres basicly everyone my age or a year younger, 2 other lasses stayed with us on my table but we didnt really talk to, but we stayed together,

weve learnt about everything we will learn and WE GET TO WEAR PALE BLUE TUNICS, awwww im going to look so professinal and everything, iv got my slim fit trouses and my leather jacket and my donut ring for a essex bun, ahhhhhh im so happy, everything was going fine..

i only had one mini brake down today, it ot sorted when my dad hugged me tho and asked about my day and stuff, everythings fine now

and and and and iv got a loverly big ice cream to finish the day, yeeeeeeey <3

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Well this made me smile :)

Saw that lovely ice cream which I could have eaten , & then read about the subway & thought what course is she doing , eating all day :D

Oh I am so pleased you have had such a great time , I no my son loves college & last year he was 19 & had people in his group that were in their 30's , but you no what , he ended up making friends with them , so I no the older one's may seem scary , but in time , who knows they might make good friends as well :)

Well done you :)

I hope as the course goes on you wont forget to keep us up dated :)





i love my food, im 17 years old and a size 18 and i love it ahaha, food is what i wake up for haha

and that ice cream is ment for 2 poeple, but i ate it my self its got, prefitta rolls, whipped cream, ice cream, flakes, chocolate cake and chocolate bits toom and fudge mmm..

and im not sure about theese ones, they are a big chavvy and dont give the teacher respect like the rest od us, they just talk when they want and that, but who knows haha.

and thankyou, and il will tell you everything what happends :-)

love qwerty0 xxx


Well you look well on it in your profile pic , I dont blame you one bit for enjoying your food , & now you have told me everything that was in that ice cream well , it really is making me want one :-/

Oh see how it goes with the chavs :D , you get some like that as well , but if they keep it up , they wont last long any way



Sounds like you enjoyed yourself and well done for making a new friend so quickly that must be a world record for friend making even on my terms!!!!!

I missed what course your doing, your uniform sounds smart is to do with hair and beauty?

As for the ice cream I just eat that

Winter xxxxxx


it was a amazing day, and thanks haha, i dont normally make friedns as quick, my letters are all muddled cause im soo happy im tryping propper quick :-)

im doing LEVEL 3 health and social care, if i finish this year i can go and work in a care home, but if i do the extened level 3, i can get into uni to be a nurse hehe

and i could eat 8 of them ahha

love qwerty0 xxxxx


That's a good course to do, your going go concentrate on the adult side then? I work in a Children's Centre as a Health and Family support worker my role has a lot to do with your course.



im not sure yet, id do anything that helps poeple, i wouldnt mind working with poeple with schwifriena, (poor spelling), cause theres loads of answers i want to find out ahhaxxxxx


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. So very pleased that your first day went so well and you had the courage to go along. What an exciting time this is going to be for you. Lots of new friends to make and fun times ahead. Make the most of it and ENJOY. xx


thankyou :D,

eeeee im back at college today but at 3 till half 4, no point in even going in ahha, nor im actully happy cause it gets me out the house and that even for and hour and a half ahah

and i hope soo, there was a girl who was on her own today im gunner ask if she wants to come out for a bit aftwerwards hehehe and i wil :DDDD xxx


Sounds like you had a mostly good day.

Well done on making a new friend and I always think they are the best friendships, total opposites, all of my best friends are nothing like me :-) xxx


iv actully never had a friend that oppsite me but haha, i ahve now, hehe hope today teh same everyday xxxx


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