What is everyones anxiety symptomns?

Mine are,

Heart racing,



pin and needles

muscle tension (especially upper back neck shoulders and arms)

tightness in throat

tight chest muscles

tremors (usually in the morning)

hot one minute cold the next

twitching of neck every so often (blame this on the tight muscles)

pressure in head

clogged ears

pulsating base of skull

Anyone get these?


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  • I get......



    Pins and needles

    Lump in throat

    Body zaps


    Full feeling in ears

    Severe neck ache


    Prickly heat type feelings

  • GOD i forgot to put insomnia down. That has to be one of the hardest when your body is so tired from being on high alert and stressed and then your head hits the pillow and my mind is like NOPE.

  • Heart Palpitations

    Lump in Throat/ Choking sensation

    Shaky/Weak feeling

    Sweating or cold extremities

    Headaches/ Pressure/ Sharper pains that all vary and move around my skull and sometimes to my neck


    Dry Mouth/ Weird taste in mouth


    Difficulty Breathing

    Lack of concentration or ability to focus my eyes for a long time



    Feeling as though I'm about to faint or have a seizure

    I know I listed about every possible symptom of anxiety but some of them were way back when I used to get panic attacks badly before meds.

    But now I generally spend one week worry ing about my heart one week worrying about my brain and sometimes things like breathing problems are 24/7

  • Me too. I am always worrying about my heart...I always hold on to it for dear life...but it just keeps beating. This is a viscous cycle, but I'm trying to convince myself that it will be okay. That's nothing is wrong with me. It's so hard...

  • When you say breathing difficulty what exactly do you feel?

  • Sometimes is chocking feeling causing it to be hard to breath or sometimes I feel I'm breathing nothing, feels like no oxygen is going in

  • Sweetie, we -- I mean anxiety sufferers in general -- aren't that different. I am 42, and I've come to learn (over the course of 25 years) that we're, well, similar. Some people will have palpitations (like I do); some won't. Some will have vertigo (which you do); not everyone will.

    I don't mean to belittle you. I mean that the number of symptoms you list won't change the simple fact that we're all anxiety sufferers.

    Like, if I were to list facts, I'd have to say that I've often had to leave office and go home. That I had to leave one country and go to another (believe this). And so on.

    The point can only be what the solution is. I've found a tremendous amount of relief from acupuncture (short term), acupressure (longer term), and as I said in another post in this thread, Ayurveda (herbal) remedies.

    I should, and will, not prescribe specific remedies.

    Love you, sweetie. Please get better. I took benzos for 20 years before I found herbal remedies.

  • This pretty much sums up everything when you do have or come across a panic attack ! minds just came out the blue weeks ago. I'm glad I'm 27 years old going threw it nd not younger . I haven't seen the doctor or physicist yet. only been in and out emergency rooms . everytime I call a clinic they always give me a run around . so today I'm going to my primary doctor and I pray he help me or send me to an specialist

  • Hi! Yes, I get all of these symptoms. I also feel like my chest is super heavy. Weakness is legs sometimes. Tiredness. Irritation and agitation. Stomach weakness and nervousness. Your not alone.

  • Thank you all for your response. A little reassuring that we're not alone.

  • We are NOT alone! I mean, we don't usually use CAPS, but in this situation, we are definitely not alone. A few symptoms differ.

    I'll tell you about Freud's thing: The Human is the anxiety sufferer, because he knows the fact of Death.

    My idea is that people who suffer anxiety are more human.

    Now that might sound escapist, but it's Freud we're talking about!!

    Love you.

  • In order worst to least:

    Heart flutters

    Heart racing

    Nocturnal panic attacks




    Feel sick and weak

    Tightness in throat

    Tightness in chest

    Feel nervous for no reason

    I've had others in the past, including depersonalization and depression, but thankfully those have been gone for a while.

  • I still can't get over how anxiety can cause all this. So many times googleing my symptomns (which i told my counselor I wouldn't :) ) I had myself diagnosed with a million different things and freaking out.

  • Sorry I'm replying to so many posts of yours on the same topic :-) No, it's not your pic. I know a little bit about this. OK, about Googling, you know why we do it ("we" as in "I" included)? Because of doubt. Doubt is the problem. It's a psychological kind of thing, not neurological.

    You've seen my post about herbs and TCM, right?

  • Ha no worries. No I haven't seen your post. Where would it be?

  • Idiot. Found it, didn't you? :-*

  • I have everything in this post. Today I had sever pain in my left leg. I end up laying down on a mattress in ikea for 20 minutes. I have needling pain around my neck and shoulder.

  • So sorry to hear. Yes that's exactly what I have around my neck shoulders my trapezius muscles are always swollen and that pain describes exactly what it feels like.

  • I was like recovered from 80% of symptoms a month ago. I was exercising for an hour in the morning and walking three miles in the evening. I was eating healthy. It really helped. But now I moved to a different state and starting from scratch. I haven't been to gym for a month. Eating unhealthy. That's why All the symptoms are back.

  • Man this makes so much sense!

  • Pins and Needles in the extremities,numbness Especially in the lips and tongue, headaches, frequent urination, lack of appetite, Visual disturbances, Pressure behind one eye, Brain fog or cognitive impairment, Burning skin sensation, dizziness, lightheadedness, perceived weakness in arms and legs, fatigue, coordination issues, itchiness, Going red in the face, Weight loss and weight gain, tremors, twitching muscles.

  • All these symptoms sound like mine.. And more. Now I'm swaying . I have very low estrogen and I have not had a period for almost 9 months. I believe this is all menopause. And it brings on the anxiety.

  • I had my testosterone levels checked, cortisol levels checked, thyroid,anti-nuclear antibodies, test specific for bone and blood cancers, so far all clear! But I feel like garbage Every single day, it is truly relentless.

  • Does anyone ever feel like they have to tell themselves how to breathe?? All day I've been focusing on my breathing and thinking I'm out of breath and I have pain in my lungs occasionally. So scared :/

  • Yes! That happens to me from time to time, it’s so weird. I just chalk it up to another part of my anxiety.

  • I hate it so much! I've gotten my heart checked out about a year ago and everything was ok, but I'm so concerned with my lungs. But I have to try to tell myself if it comes and goes then it's gotta be anxiety

  • Yes, sweetie, it happens. "Did you forget to breathe?" I swear that happens on a weekly if not daily basis.

    I'm trying to say that what's happening to you is not weird -- it happens, and halfway round the globe, it's happening to me as I type!

    We try and live. Don't be scared. I mean, what'll happen? You'll have a convulsion, fall, be taken to hospital, some anti-anxiety pills for a day, and you'll go home.

    I mean, as a temporary solution, if you want something to hang on to (unless you Believe), this is the best thing. What's the worst that could happen?

    For anything real and longer-term, I've found that acupressure and Indian herbs help.

    Don't be afraid, sweetie. Anxiety can at max (I mean MAX!) make you convulse. Leave the place -- and go home -- if you feel it coming. End of story!

  • Fast heart, sweating, shaking, tight chest, feel hot then cold, sleep problems, lump in throat, weakness and dry mouth and breathing plays up x

  • Its like every few days it's different symptoms I obsess with. Today is pins and needles in hands weak arms and still tight shoulder and neck muscles.

  • OK I'm not hitting on you, but I've been on this page almost an hour (first time I found it) and so much of what you say is to similar to (what I do, feel, live). I mean, this thing you said -- " every few days it's different symptoms I obsess with..."

    But yeah, we can't read much into this. Anxiety sufferers, as I said, have so many symptoms in common.

  • Not to worry not taking it like you're hitting on me at all. I have my days where I almost feel "normal" then others its like oye here it is again but I just go with it. As hard as it is at times I try to accept it.

  • Oh g-d, this is surreal. My experience exactly. And combine it with drugs (not street, I mean pharma), and it's worse. Antidepressants and painkillers basically.

    I must quote you on this: "I have my days where I almost feel "normal" then others its like oye here it is again..."

    Yeah man, that's exactly it!

  • Hello Mpa5524- I sure can check many of those symptoms on your list. I experience the tightness in chest and shoulder, neck area. Especially around my throat as if I have a tight, unforeseen object in there. I was getting tremors and sometimes still do, but not as daily as I used to. Irritable and agitated a big yes. I just continue in prayer and different stress relieving techniques. I pray everyday that this too shall pass. God Bless :)

  • Thank you for your reply, I am constantly praying all day everyday. God Bless you also :)

  • I have begun praying that this shall pass. It hasn't passed for so long perhaps because of my habits -- but now I've stopped doing everything but pray!

  • Dizziness, hot flashes, tingling head hand legs naseue diarrhea, heart racing, sweaty hands. Blacking out.

  • You name it, I get it! That simple. It sucks! The worst for me though is the dizziness and feeling unbalanced when I walk. My legs also feel very weak when I have the dizziness and feelings of unbalanced. Anyone else feel like this? I don't hear much about it on here. i take Meclizine 25mg for the dizziness (over the counter helps alot!) I also take xanax for the anxiety. I take the lowest dose, .025 mg and cut one pill into 8 pieces. Laugh but it works! I don't want to end up addicted that's why I break it into so many pieces. I keep track and it seems just 1/2 pill on days I need it, is all it takes till I feel "normal" (whatever normal is now). I suggest you go to anxietycentre.com and read. It's a really good support site

  • I do get the dizzy and off balanced feeling like my legs are jelly or they dont wanna move or they are not attached, its so strange.. Feel better soon. Missie

  • You ever feel that thing about being like a crab, where you're not decided to move sideways or forward?

  • The dizziness and fainting feeling is the worst for me I'm afraid to get out of the house because of this.

  • Thanks Missie. Nice to know I'm not the only one getting this symptom. It's totally dibilatating! Usually I have to get the cane out, lie down and take some xanax to calm down and let the symptoms subside themselves but So far today, NO xanax! I got really worked up before, from a company who was working on my central A/C unit, but I've managed to keep myself calm and did not need to take any xanax. My legs started with the jelly feeling and my off balance feeling, along with the dizziness but I managed to control that by NOT letting the situation bother me. I talked slow, realized it's not anything that can't be fixed, and this time I HAD CONTROL of my anxiety! I think I found the solution I"ve been looking for the last 4 years! Try it. Big pat on my back from myself!

  • Awsome, congrats so happy for you.. I will def try this :)

  • Such a beautiful reply, Sir, to the basic question: "Am I alone?"

    I'll just quote your reply: "managed to control that by NOT letting the situation bother me. I talked slow, realized it's not anything that can't be fixed..."

    That's so precisely the point: As you'll see in two of my other posts here: When you see that nothing can really happen (God willing!!) we'll stop worrying.

    Anxiety is the disease of an infinite loop: You get scared, then you're scared because you can't work (or do whatever is expected of you), so you get more scared -- and it goes on to infinity to the point of a panic attack.

    Kill it at some point, saying "Nothing's going to happen," and it ends.

  • I got them when my anxiety is bad...

  • I have got every one of those plus a few more

  • So sorry to hear last night I tried to do a little yoga moves stretch my upper back is so tight as I was doing it was almost like I can feel my skin ripping I don't know if that's normal

  • Most of these. Yeah I know that sounds like making a small thing of something huge, but yeah, I'm only saying most of these happen — and oh god, I wouldn't wish any of these for my worst enemy. Well, we take life as it comes :-) I'm sad that you have these, but the only thing I can do pretty much is tell you how well acupressure works. And Ayurvedic (herbal) remedies.

    I do find the two "tightness" things you said weird, though — but obviously that's just me!

    Love you, sweetie. Keep the chin up. Try herbal / Chinese remedies.

  • Thank you. My friend told me about acupuncture also. Ill be trying that next.

  • Minds are headache (my head always start hurting first before a panic attack comes) heart beating fast blood flowing in my body , feel weak like about to faint, tightness in throat.

  • Yes all above and my bp goes really high

  • I do wish I knew how to stop it I don't won't be put in hospital they will give you all kinds of medicine.

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