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anyone else worry about getting back from places?

Since the return of anxiety I notice that I don't really worry that much about going to/being at places but I really worry about getting back incase I suddenly feel ill...it is unfortunate that it has happened to me recently and the 10 min walk home felt like the worst 10 mins ever

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Yes it's funny I am the same....going is ok coming back is hard..

I am planning a trip at the weekend and going I will be fine , I dread coming back, my anxieties will kick in...I wonder if when I'm going somewhere I feel ok on the journey because its something different..

Not really sure, but can empathise with you

Sue xx


Maybe its home, where the remembered thoughts of anxiety arise, or maybe loneliness, sadness.

For me I love coming home, but when I'm out, I want to stay out and practice, enjoying the day.




I worry about the journey there and partley the way home.... As soon as I see things I know that's close to home I relax a little. X


I'm the same as squidge I worry about going but feel fine if I'm on the way home


I can relate to this, although I hate travelling and experience anxiety going to places, it's the idea of being at a place and feeling ill/ having a panic attack and feeling the need to return home immediately that fills me with fear. I think it's a feeling of being trapped and away from the familiar and the comfort zone for me.


Personally, I can't travel to areas I'm not already familiar with (outside my 'comfort zone') so I don't think I'd be in the same position as you. But maybe if I did feel confident enough to go somewhere 'different' I would make sure I had arranged the means to be able to escape quickly and get back to my 'safe place'.

In my teens and early twenties in the 80's I would travel up to London from Surbiton to visit clubs, I loved the scene. Nothing phased me, I didn't worry about how I'd get home.....but then lots of negative things happened and my panic disorder developed........


I always feel anxious when returning from somewhere, even when walking over the road to the shop with my husband, strangely i can also walk around the block with him if we carry on one way but as soon as i look back and realise how long it would take me to turn around and walk back i start to panic.


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