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Haven't gone out as planned today as I'm going to Manchester next wk to Lego land with the boys, my nephew and sister. So I've put the money away for that. OH his here till three then off to Scotland the night. At the moment I've decided to stop here on my own. That cud change by tonight but I'm thinking y keep being fearfully of it. Nuthing bad cud happen with anxiety and last yr I was an whole lit worse with it. At least it's very rare I have a panic attack even thou at times I have anxiety. Well I'm all positive about it at the moment xxx

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Enjoy. I went to legoland at Windsor and it was brill. Sounds as if u need a break. Look after yourself and take care


Well done even thinking of staying tonight is a positive, I am sure you will do it and think of Lego Land that's a great achievement Good Luck xxx


Hi donna

I am struggling keeping up with you today :-/

But dont blame you kids will love Lego Land :)

Well see how it goes later , you are right nothing bad will happen to you & I no you can do this , dont see it as all night , take it in stages

Also I feel if you can over come this fear , it will make you stronger & OH wont have as much importance , with you needing him & I think that will do him good & give him a wake up call

We will help you if you need us

See how you feel , either way you no I think you have come such along way since you joined





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