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Had a few bad days feeling dizzy anxioty high but no panic

I'm pleased about this post and have slept well 3 nights on the run taking the tabs for the gum infection and no panic ( that was a fear) and went to the gym and did a 40 min hard walk, but can't help feel that I've taken a step backwards this week I wondering at what stage am I on this road to recovery and what in fact do I need to do to get better

If you take medication do you feel better or does it just numb the anxioty ie would I opening a Pandora's box even thinking about it

My daily symptoms are like this but a few weeks ago had some days feeling great

I feel dizzy a lot it's a general thing and get worse when I chat to people ( sometimes )

I have a general feeling of anxioty even at home but can be heled by exercise but only for. While most of the time I have a feeling in my tummy and noise can be a pain when the house is busy

I try not to avoid anything but when I do attend stuff bug stuff I don't feel good after the event

As you might be aware I do not drink beer wine tea coffee ie caffine stoped eating chcolate but still have the odd bag of crisps

I sometimes get up set because of the anxioty but I do not feel down

On bad days in the morning I get yawn with little shakes and my head full of stuff

My gut feeling is that if I was to take some time out of work I would recover but I'm not sure if this is the answer I'm sort of opening up here today and laying it on the line I wanted to share where I feel I am right now here are things I do to help

I do relaxation with hypno apps

Relaxation of your muscles etc

I go to the gym at the moment 4 times a week

Try to eat a healthy diet

I do not take meds

Trying a programme called the human approach

And my nurse says I have GAD

Should I do relaxation every day ?

Sorry it's a big post and forgive my grammar etc

By the way not had a panic attack for months

Thanks Stuart x

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your doing really well. I admire you maybe you can motivate me to go to the gym I get depressed so find it hard to get there janex


You can do it, you can and I want you to do it, do it for yourself and for me if you like, because we all need to get better, if we think about others that are anxious and down, and then support each other we will give the strength to each other to win threw xxxxxx


Hi Stu

I missed you on here yesterday & was wondering how you were

Pleased to hear you have been sleeping better hun & taking those meds your gum will be happy & see they are not to bad , I have the same med fear so I no how you will have been feeling , but they obviously suite you OK , so I hope that has helped the fear & before you no it you will have finished the course :)

We do over think with this anxiety , reading your post I can see you do & I no I can as well

You seem to be doing everything you can to help yourself , its not a quick fix & again patience is something we need , as this can take a while

Instead of should I do this , that the other , I find just staying in the day & if for today what I am doing results in an OK day , well I will leave tomorrow till it comes

Maybe carry on staying as you are & only if you need to make changes do them , but if you are making some progress , which you sound like you are , why mess with it , it will take time hun , but I can see the improvement in you & you should feel proud :)





Thanks whywhy your so right my nurse had told me to stop over thinking about stuff and I will put that on the list, there I go again, I've been working to hard today, thinking shit up for my drama School but I have to that's what I do, but have had a chat tonight with my pal who said Stu you have to let go mate of the rains and delegate some of the work that's what a manger should do and I think he's right.

So now it's time for me to get better and follow your lead in helping people as much as I can to get better because before Xmas I was just a stressed guy now I am on here chatting to pepole I've never met some with Anxioty depression and so on I had no idea what anxioty was OMG I do now and when I we get over this I will carry on helping others and tell them you will get better xxx bless you



Your friend is right , as the manager , you should be delegating some of the work & it could be your anxiety holding you back worrying if they will manage , but they will :)

Try & give it a go , it will be a huge help to you & your recovery :)

You are doing really well though & I am so pleased you have taken your antibiotics , join the Positive Friday Post ,that has been a positive for you , you can add that on there :)



Hi Stuart , how we'll you are doing to go to the Gym ,even to go out scares me I have just been to the chiropodist with Hubbie in the car and the doctors but wot walk round any where.O believe me you are a long way from me so just pat your self on the back for what you do Good Luck. Xxx


I will keep trying my best for you as well when I'm on that treadmill my mind and heart will be willing u to walk with me


Thankyou so much.xxxx


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