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Panic attacks only last a few minutes...BULL!!!


I get panic attacks that last over an hour or even more, but I always read these articles claiming that “Panic attacks come and go fairly quickly (within maybe 10 mins).” I read that and scoff, because I get tingling limbs and face, feeling like I can not breath, and so forth for over an hour and even longer. Where the hell do they get it’s only 10 mins or less?!?! I WISH THAT WAS ALL IT WAS!!!

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I agree, we are all different. Sometimes I get panic attacks that will last for several hours. That really sucks. Let us know if you find an answer. I take these otc pills from Hyland. They seem to help with restless leg associated with panic attacks.

DustinS85 in reply to Davidatp

I get them to last 4 hours when they are bad.

Lol could not agree with you more. I see them articles and 10 mins!!! You lucky f@*#’s

DustinS85 in reply to MarkW83


Those who"Claim" panic attacks last for only ten minutes either have never had any or they are one of the lucky ones! Although panic attacks can last for moments of hours every person reacts in different ways,some will eventually (so I have been told) find a method to control their attacks! Myself I get a panic attack and then I get worse because of having the attack .Luckily I have a couple of good friends who know what to do to calm me down,so if I am lucky enough to be with one of them then great ,but if I happen to be on my own crisis I end up in hospital ,which I also panic with because I feel I am wasting their time! 10 minutes? Sounds like a pat from the rear end of a bovine !

I agree . I've had ones that seem to last the whole day, it seems to vary by the person.

And what about the rolling panic attacks? I can just finish one (longer than 10 minutes in duration, I can tell you), recover somewhat and then get hit with another. Things have got so bad lately (triggered by other physical health issues) that I have an emergency appointment with my psych. tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I'm on the brink of having to go into hospital as things are getting so bad (and I HATE going into hospital. I'm sensitive to meds and nothing works. On nothing currently). Sorry for the moan, guys!

I get rolling ones all the time.

And boy does it SUCK, Dustin. Right?😢


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