The Rant Continues: What has the world got against me sleeping!!!

Seriously, I thought the traffic diversion was bad, got nothing on this one. I am awoken this morning to the melodious sound of a pneumatic drill, really, a pneumatic drill at 6.30 in the morning!!!!!

My doctor's surgery is across the road from me, (yes, the same road the traffic was coming down) & it seems that they have decided to dig up the car park. There's drills, wagons, generators all kinds.

I've had arguments with them before about when they get work done. Last time it was because the guys who were cutting down & chipping the hedges were doing it at 8 o'clock on a Sunday morning. When I enquired with the council about it they said they can only do noisy work during normal working hours. I complained to the practice manager who said they need to do it when the car parks empty. When I told her what the council said she changed her tune somewhat. This time I am putting in an official complaint to the council.

And as if that's not enough the cat has thrown up during the night & I've just stood in it :o This is not going to be a good day!

Rant over



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13 Replies

  • O dear , not sounding a very happy thomson this morning :o

    I am sorry , I no how much you are lacking some long much needed & deserved sleep & it must seem the world is against you getting that at the moment

    If it helps any , I live 4 doors from a very very busy main road & when they decide for some strange reason to dig holes as they always seem to want to dig one some where & I am not always sure why , but because its a main road , they move all those drills & machines & goodness knows what else on to the road & start at 12 at night because they have to divert traffic , which when busy in the day , would be impossible & yes they work through the night , & yes I want to go out when it happens & scream

    The thing that gets to me as well , is this happens out the blue & I always say they could have warned us , then I could have slept in the day & joined them on nights ...but no never any warning , that is called been polite , doesnt seem much about now a days

    O I am having a tiny rant now with you :-/

    I no this wont help , maybe shoving their drills where the sun dont shine would , but it might help a little bit knowing it just doesnt happen to you

    Thinking about you :)




  • Thanks whywhy, sorry not been around, been asleep lol

    You'd think they could give you some notice for roadworks like that wouldn't you.


  • Glad you got some sleep , if they come back tonight you might feel fit enough to play tea lady now :-/


  • Slept for hours once I'd managed to prise dd from the sofa ;)

    Don't think I'll be offering them any hot beverages though :D


  • Thats posh hot beverages , we shout Tea's up , round hear :D


  • I've been watching too much Big Bang Theory lol


  • Hi thomson,

    I would definitely complain, thats way too early to be woken up by drilling noise, do you have a back bedroom you could sleep in just while this work is going on?

    Lol cat being sick reminds me when we had one jt used to sleep on our bed, would be woken up by the sound they make just before theyre sick, knowing there would be a nice mess to clean up in the morning!!

    Mimii :)

  • Hi mimii, unfortunately the house is sideways on to the road.

    Cats, who'd have them!


  • I would shove that drill where the sun don't shine, far to early to be using that, and very inconsiderate



  • Trust me, I was very tempted lol


  • You should try living in my block of flats!,It seems that every week there`s workmen drilling & hammering, either that or one of the residents decides to do some DIY, usually at 11 oclock at night or at the weekend. The problem with where I live is that it was built in the 60`s, & we all know how buildings were thrown together in a hurry, & now theyr`e falling apart.

  • That would drive me mad, think I need to move to a desert island lol


  • Thought I'd give a quick update.

    Spoke to the practice manager at the docs. She said she was as surprised as anyone to see them there this morning, apparently it was all supposed to be done on Saturday. Seems that because they hadn't even started yet they thought they'd go in really early this morning to make up for it!

    Told her to let them know I've complained to Environmental Health who said there is no way they should be doing that work at 6.30am.

    Hopefully it won't happen again tomorrow.

    Thanks for the sympathies


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