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Just want to Thank everyone here when they have listened to me rant and rave and finding it difficult to cope with the demon Anxiety/Panic.

I am so happy i found this site when i was at my lowest. I now class many people who leave comments and encouragement as friends although i have never met them.

I hope and pray that everyone who is suffering this awful feeling that they may find rest, and peace and make a recovery.

I tried to explain today to someone who has no idea what road i am walking and she was like just get over it get back to work its only in the mind. I was so cross i said walk in my shoes and tell me how easy it all is.

I thank each and everyone of you for your support help and advice.

Goodnight God Bless


Love Seyi xxx

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What a lovely blog Seyi , was a pleasure to read





you are quite right seyi you cant just snap out of it. if only they could walk in your shoes they would realise it isn't easy it takes a lot of really hard work to build that feeling of confidence to get your life back to something like normality .and your right it really does help to talk to each other, take care.xxx


I enjoyed reading ur blog and to rite they need to walk in our shoes as its harder then people think xxx


If only it were that easy we would all 'snap out of it'. I would love to be my old self again and was almost there when my husband had serious heart problems. This has set me back. I have just got the groceries and it was a scary processs for me. Oh, if only I could ' snap out of it' and be my old self again. How happy I would be. Love to you all. I love this site, so many caring people. take care. xx


Hi Seyi, I think some people are embarrassed when you tell them you suffer from depression or anxiety. Unless they have gone through it themselves they have no idea, my mother in law has the pull yourself together attitude. I don't discuss my problems with her anymore but when I did she said I was attention seeking.

We are so lucky to have found this site and all the lovely people who post :) x


It is a great relief to be able to "meet" people with a like condition.

Tara is right and it is even more difficult when, for no reason we start crying.

This is for me never far from the surface and as often as not the friend you are talking to starts to tell me their problems, I start to blubber!

I wake up each morning wondering how I will cope with the day and from now on I will start by reading all the blogs on this site - at least I am not alone,though how this all helps me only time will tell. If there were answers that applied to all of us, we would all be well!!

Oh if only all the well meaning friends could really understand without suffering our condition.

God bless you all. Have a good day if possible!!


Thank you all for the lovely comments like i said before this is one beautiful site with beautiful people. We are just having a stumbling block keep positive. Hopefully one day we can all say we have beat this. With encouragement and feeling positive let's hope we can all have better days even if listening to each other.

God Bless

Hugs Seyi xx


Hi Seyi, Im sure you will beat this. You'll have your down days like everyone on the journey, but you are heading in the right direction. As the others said, sometimes people don't know what to say, or are frightened to think about anxiety, so may not understand. And you don't rant and rave, your blogs are always thoughtful and heartfelt! Hope you have a lovely Easter.


Thanks Kaz and trust you have a peaceful Easter.


Seyi xx


You are all lovely people because instead of being negative you are all trying to fight this sometimes frightening disability. Though not physical it IS a disability and very often more disabling than a physical problem.

We are all trying to mobilise our minds, realising that this is the only we can make this journey back to the real world.

It is so so helpful that there are you people who know exactly what demons we all fight without nodding thoughtfully when you are tearfully trying to explain how we feel and how hard we are trying to fight our way through.

NO ONE who has not experienced this knows how we feel that is why a blog like this is so important.

And worse are those who tell you to "snap out of it" - I sometimes wish that I could just give them a few hours of the misery we suffer. Then they would understand that sometimes we we are just groping in the darkness for some sympathy.

Sorry to be a misery today but as you all know, that's how it grabs you!!


Your not a misery today (smiling) :)

People like yourself make this a worthwhile site.

Big hugs

Seyi xxx


Hi seyi glad you are feeling more positive and the thing is no one really understands the way we feel unless they have genually hit rock bottom so they dont sympathise with us at all the only people who really understand is us and we know that its a lonely road sometimes but like you say its so nice to meet all these genuine caring people and can honestly say i dont think i would have got through it without all your help we are here for each other and if people want to chose to ignore the way we feel then thats fine we know we can blog here and some friendly person is always here to help us feel better we all help each other as much as poss you too have been a great caring person on this site so thank you xxxxx


hi seyi,your are so right,discribing anxiety to someone who dosen't have it,is like trying to discribe the colour blue to a blind man,I am so close to my husband,I have explained how it feels to him,he says he understands,but I know in my heart he dosen;t.so it is great to have friends on here who we can relate to,and they know exactly what we are talking about,first thing I do when I log on is check out this site,I dont feel so alone then....hugs to you all.xx


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