Better to have anxiety or be addicted to tranquillisers?

It just crossed my mind that one very effective treatment for anxiety are the benzodiazepine tranquillisers like Valium and Ativan. I know they are highly addictive but I also know they have relieved my chronuc anxiety and depression in the past within a half hour of taking. So it crossed my mind whether, if I had a choice, whether I would prefer to be taking them or continue struggling with the symptoms? At this moment in time I would prefer to be taking them, but the fact is that we no longer have a choice. Virtually all GP's refuse to prescribe them. There is even a notice up in my surgery that specifically says that their policy is not to prescribe them. What are people's thoughts on this?


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  • Hi, I have been on clonasapan for about 20 years and just 0.5mg at night it does give me a nights sleep but I suppose you could say addicted but I resist taking it during the day.Dont want to get used to it during the day,so you must do what you think it's your body and decision. Good Luck.xxxx

  • Yes I would not want to become addicted to the Benzo's since I am well aware of the difficulties and horrible withdrawel symptoms, but ocassionally they can be very helpful. Taking them only when needed is a good idea. The problem is that I have no access to them at all, and I suspect likewise for many people.

  • Is valium diazepam? If so i have these on repeat. However i very rarly take any.



  • Yes bonnie Diazepam is indeed Valium. Have you been on them for long?

  • I have them but don't take them, I may take a 2.5 here and there , more there, than here, maybe a day out of two weeks, I am debating them as I am in a right state at the moment, I tried citalopram, but di not help, so I stopped them, I am very stressed wit it all, and no help from family, they just seem to ignore me the best they can, so are thinking of taking them, to get off the floor for a bit.



  • I was given Diazepam by my doc who said this was a one off as they are addictive. She gave me 28 tablets. I only ever take them when my anxiety is really bad. I think they have saved my life on one occasion when I was very bad with anxiety. my thoughts were racing round my head and I was in a bad way. Diazepam did the trick for me and calmed me down enough to slowly get myself back together. I think there is a time and place for them. I also feel safer and calmer just knowing I have them in my home.

  • I used them in a similar way for quite a while. I do agree that often just knowing they are there if things get too bad can be a huge help


  • Are people saying they managed to get their GP to prescribe them? How? My surgery refuses point blank to prescribe.

  • Originally it was my gp's suggestion. I was really struggling & was/am a single parent to a young child with problems & little outside help. She gave me a very low dose & suggested I try one when at screaming point, give it 15 mins & if no better take another.

    I confess it's been months since I had any & always got the lecture about being careful but I assume the fact that 28 would last me 6 months or more shows that I'm not abusing them.

    Sounds like you may need to take it further with your gp. or look into changing.


  • Thanks Thomson. I'm ok right now, but I know that when really anxious they definitely help. The only thing I could do is change my GP. Anyway I'll see how things go for now. I have a stock of Zopiclone which are fairly effective but can only take those at night.

  • I have got to do something, I cant get off the floor properly to do anything, have got so stressed, now I feel so ill, and spending most of my time in bed crying for help from my family, but no help comes, they ignore me. how can they do this, I gave them years.



  • Evening Bonnie, I am sorry to read you are feeling so stressed and ill, am glad you have come on here to chat and you are not alone on here. I think I understand what you are saying about family, mine just don't want to see me when I am unwell, I have now found I am better off coming on here.

    can you go to see your GP tomorrow maybe and see if you can get some help there.

  • Thank you, I ring in morning, but they just give anti, I have done that once , and it was awful , I have sertraline here, which was given to me 18mnths ago, so could start them, but I just feel that make things even worse, however I am very bad now. Cant stop crying and cant eat now. I am hurt by my dad and my sister who don't offer to help, I gave my dad 6yrs to helping him with his house and shopping, and my younger daughter had anxiety 3yrs before me, and I helped her through hers for nearly to years, as I was a wel person at the time, now she turns her back , after all the help I gave her.



  • Bonnie

    Are you down for CBT or anything

    I have never suited anti's but your GP hopefully has put you on the waiting list for treatment

    I wouldnt start another med without asking GP , stopping & starting things will not help just mess your system up , an odd valium though takes the edge of , ask your GP

    I no family can let us down & it really hurts when they do , i no when we give we do it from the goodness of our hearts & for nothing in return , but if really hurts when we are down & everyone seems to turn their backs on us , but we are here , I no its virtual , but we will never turn our backs on you


  • Thank you Whywhy, I had CBT didn't find it helped me, she just concentrated on me going out, well I could do that then and can now, my son has just phoned back, and he said why are you in this mess, why when you was such a strong person, i said ask your father, ask your sister, ask my dad, ask my sister, and i told him about his dad, the years of physical and mental abuse i put up with, and if he wishes, he can come to the docs with me, and i will get my records, and he can see it for his self, from over the years with his dad. He said nothing, In worse state now, i am down for counselling, but will be about 6months, son said last week he was going to arrange something sooner. Don't no what he is doing about it now. I no i should not have said about his dad, but it just flowed out, i couldn't stop.

    Have took diazepam only 2,5 prob a bit low. i helped my younger daughter day in and day out, she would text me loads of messages while i was at work, she also rang me several times. i used to have to keep leaving my desk for her,

    i got told off so many times, and was in tears often at work, i used to get home, and go in her room, and talk to her, at times i found myself to be breathless and dizzy with the stress of it all, this went on for two years, then she recovered, back to her life, and less than a year later, i ended up going with anxiety, some thanks ay, i get a cold shoulder from her. And that really hurts :(





  • Bonnie

    I will spell this wrong but I am on a list to see a physcologist , its a long waiting list but I should be half way there now

    CBT didnt work for me , but I believe this will be better as they go deeper into what has affected you & so on

    What about asking about that

    I had to be assessed to see , but passed

    Its another idea

    Dont worry , you son is a man now , you have kept this away from him for years & would continue to have done so , but he pushed you for an answer & you gave him one out of desperation , this some times happens , dont feel bad about it


  • Yes i will ask tomorrow about physcologist instead of the counsellor , will just have to start the wait again, but never mind , only 3 weeks into wait for counsellor. Also when i had CBT it was a phone call every other week for 6 weeks for an hour, meaning 6hrs treatment, to sort out two years anxiety, that was as much use to me as a chocolate teapot.



  • I agree Bonnie that is not enough at all , neither use or ornament

    I no its a long list for a physcologist , I have beem waiting 8 months & told it could be a year , but every area is different , so may not be as long where you live

    Its the end result though I care about , I have been like I am along time , so my head just said what is waiting a year , if its the treatment I have been missing all the other years I have been searching (if you get what I mean )

    Let us no how you go on

    Hope you get some sleep


  • Hi Bonnie, I am glad you are going to ring GP in the morning, I agree with whywhy, best not to take any meds without seeing the doc first, It can be hard when you don't get the support from family that you need, I hope you can find some sleep tonight and get to your gp in the morning. we are all here for you on this site, so just keep typing away okay. crying can be very tiring, but I think it can help, what's the old saying better out than in. shall be thinking of you tonight, so you are not alone okay. Gardener x

  • Thank you gardener, cyring does make things feel worse and tiring, have had small diazepam to help me.



  • Bonnie

    Just spotted this , I am sorry its someone else's post but had to reply to you

    I am sorry you feel so bad

    I would take a valium if you have some

    I take them when I feel as bad as you do & I have never found them as bad as some other meds ,it might be time you you need to take them

    Please either do a post , or see you GP again if this carries on

    We wont ignore you


  • O Whywhy, in such a mess, cant stop crying all day, feel so ill, head pounding, so much anxiety, i feel fit to drop anytime soon, i have got so stressed out with it all. its just to much, I have tried so hard, but everyday I don't see no reward for my efforts, just get up to the same rubbish and it goes on all day long. have taken a 2.5 of diazepam to take some of stress off me. :( i am not happy with family, and the way they are so cold to give me support whywhy. After years of giving them my life. My son has not done counsellor, don't no now if he is, I just hung up on him, on the phone as he now suggested I maybe go to a mental health place, and tell them I need help. I don't want that whywhy, I shouldn't have to, just because they cant give support. My eldest daughter is the only one who trys to help me, but even she is getting stress symptoms now, I don't want her to become ill. All because of me.



  • When I am really bad , I take two 2.5 diazepam , maybe another one wont harm you later to help you sleep

    You wont have to go in MH ward hun , they would have to section you & they cant do that unless you are a danger to yourself or others , which you are not , so dont add extra anxiety by worrying about that

    Maybe you are trying to hard , it is possible , because you want to feel well instantly , I no I sound like a record here , but you need to slow down & let yourself slowly get better again & you will

    If you son is backing down , I would ask the GP about CBT , I am surprised they havnt offered it you , & go on that list , if your son does come up with some first thats fine , but if not I no the list is longer on the NHS but at least you would be on it

    Go back again tomorrow , & meantime do your best to block out this pain you feelo from your family , I no its hard , but you need to give yourself a break , they are not helping , dont let them add to it either


  • I didn't think i was trying hard, but could be i suppose, sometimes, i think that when i get up the next day maybe just maybe things will be a little better, but there not. I have took another diazepam now, had to, to calm me down, I am s fed up with them all, and there coldness to help. But as you say, will now try and block out them and there attitude, and think of me.

    Thank you





  • Benzo's are extremely addictive so that is why GPs are reluctant to prescribe them. They used to give them out like smarties but no any more

  • Hi formidable,

    Quite simply I think you should take meds for your anxiety. But there are alternatives to what you are taking. Look I have always been of the opinion, that if we suffer from anxiety why should we not take meds for them. I have been suffering from anxiety and depression for most of my life. So why should I not have medication for these conditions?

    I think that there has always been this stigma about antidepressants and anxiety meds that somehow it is wrong to take them. Why? People with long term physical illnesses take meds every day to make them feel better and no one questions them that is wrong to do so. So why can't we fall under the same banner as them.

    Hope you feel better soon


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