Anxiety be gone!!

For the longest time, I have had anxiety. I recently discovered I had it about a year ago. (To me that is a long time lol) It got so bad, that i would have to leave school early and come home. I would always run away from the anxiety driven situation. And when i did sit through the situations, i would vomit. It got to the point where i wouldn't go out as much and i wouldn't hang out with my friends because i was so scared of vomiting and them not wanting to be around me. Funny thing is that i met a lot of my friends my throwing up on them on a school trip lol. Not on them like they were holding my vomit bag and they felt the vomit go in the bag so technically, i threw up on them lol . But we are all the best of friends now because of that. I also threw up on my boyfriend . I guess i vomit on the ones that i love lol. I digress. Anxiety is a bitch, lets be honest. it has put a lot of unnecessary stress on me. I just want it to be gone.


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  • That's must be pretty bad, face your fears. You vomit who cares enjoy being out with your mate I was like this till the point I was like f*** this I'm going out and my symptoms have gone. Believe or not they do go.

  • I just feel bad for him. Like we talk about it a lot and he says not to worry about it and that it doesn't matter as long as he sees me. And apart of me knows he really means that and another part of me knows that hes tired of me throwing up whenever i have to go somewhere with him and his family. I just want this nauseous feeling to be gone. like forever .

  • It will go unless you let it! You will beat it it's just anxiety, and I'm always if you need to talk.

  • well how do i let it go? How do i allow it to just leave?

  • Just think positive thoughts think present not future.

  • Hmm. "Present not future."

    I will definitely give this a try. Thanks

  • I really feel for u. I'm finding hypnotherapy good. my anxiety symptoms are still there for some of the time but i'm managing to do a lot more. my hypnotist said to push myself into situations i had been avoiding and bank those times when i controlled my symptoms. Relaxation apps on my phone helped too. u can download some of these for free too

  • Yea when i get nauseous, i keep myself in the anxious situation. I used to run away but that didnt solve anything I force myself to sit through it and it does get better after i vomit. But making myself sit through it will hopefully make my body use to it to a point where i can just not think about it and it will go away. I do have plenty of apps on it.

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