Anxiety and depression - should I go back to my GP?

I've had anxiety and panic attacks for some months but am now stressing that this may lead to depression. Is this possible? I do feel really down at the moment and don't want to end up feeling any worse. I did have a period of depression 4 years ago and it was terrible. I am taking beta blockers at the moment for the anxiety. Should I ask or suggest to my GP that he prescribe me some antidepressants? I took Seroxat previously and they did work. Any advice would be very much appreciated.


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8 Replies

  • Hiya

    I have had anxiety and depression and for me if my anxiety gets outta control i do find i hit depressive episodes, this is not a standard thing of course its just how i am. If you feel you may need some help at the moment then I would go to see your GP, like you said you dont want it to get worse so best trying to catch and deal with your feelings sooner rather than later. :0)

  • I've had anxiety for the last 2 1/2 years and survived without's a battle of acceptance and taking the sting out of your fears which can be the same, different and usually come from nowhere. However although I've been very close to asking for the meds I'd much rather deal with the change in mindset knowing that if I need the meds they are there as backup. As far as I know meds may take the edge off the anxiety but won't stop it.....he more you learn about yourself through this and the more resilient you become the greater progress you can make. There is no definitive time frame and you have to accept the ups and downs along the way.

  • Hi LVS1. Please do not think I am being critical. Nothing could be further from my mind.But in saying "a battle of acceptance" you have created a paradox. ACEPTANCE and a BATTLE are at the opposite ends of the equation. By ACCEPTING you give up the 'battle'. There is no longer a fight going on, nothing to battle with; ACCEPTANCE is the total and complete giving up of all forms of action. While, at the same time, moving toward recovery BY total acceptance. ACTION of any sort creates more anxiety because it takes energy to be active. And the expenditure of energy is the last thing we want. Most of us have so little left. With us humans there is always the feeling that if something goes wrong we need to do something about it. Take action! A very natural feeling. What I am saying is do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just ACCEPT totally how you feel. No 'oh dear, how will I get out of this'. Fighting, struggling will get you in deeper.

    With ACCEPTANCE, while not immediately giving relief it will begin the process of restoration, of returning to a place where you can REASON. I am sorry if you feel unable to accept at the moment. It is not easy but after many years of GAD and depression I have found it the only way. Best wishes and good luck. jonathan.

  • Hi Jonathan, I don't disagree with you in terms of accepting probably the wrong choice of words! It took me a while to understand what acceptance is all's a continuous learning process. i dont think it helps that the focus of things like CBT is more to get you to respond in a certain way I.e you try to stop thoughts, place them in worry bubbles etc., for me this leads you to over analyse and focus on your anxiety and feelings....this is not acceptance but yet is supposed to help you deal with managing the anxiety! I'm not saying CBT doesn't work because I've learned a lot through it but unfortunately it doesn't major on the acceptance model. It's also tricky to accept and yet at the same time build things into your life like meditation, yoga, these are actions themselves to calm or lessen the impact- it's not surprising you can end up confused and disillusioned on top of everything else!

  • Hi. LVS1. You are right. Acceptance is very much a learning process. We have to learn how to deal with our emotions, not by struggling or fighting. CBT is fine for some people but not for me. You cannot stop thoughts. Trying to stop a thought is a bit like King Canute, the waves will not go back however powerful we think we are. Let the thoughts come, work and live with them there. They are only thoughts which are harmless. It is us that gives them the energy to upset us by giving them too much attention. They 'feed' on our emotions. 'Worry Bubbles! Never heard of that one. Sometimes imagery can be taken so far that it falls off the edge! Why not ACCEPT and also do Yoga, exercise etc. Nothing wrong with that. This is the great thing about acceptance. It is valid anywhere and everywhere; we can take it with us and practice in whatever situation. Best of luck. jonathan.

  • Hi baldymanphil. Yes, anxiety can lead to depression but not necessarily so. It depends how it is handled. As Caz27 says, I would see my GP about this but as you have been there before you may want to handle it yourself. What to do is always a problem and the very thought of hesitating over it can bring on more anxiety. Indecision is one of the most perplexing symptoms of nervous illness so you have to ACCEPT your indecision for the moment. Be indecisive; so what! You will know what to do only too well when you are better. Lack of confidence is also hard to bear, especially when we used not to be so. ACCEPT even this and do not worry about it. It is all part of the anxiety state but it will GO I can assure you. Once again, the fact that you are looking for answers (and what better place) means you are making an effort. Great. Keep it up and blessings and good luck to you. jonathan.

  • yes Your GP will have access to groups like mind who are now very professional and have highly qualified councillors and seaport groups all run by people who have suffered themselves

  • Hello meds are usually long term for depression if you come off them it can trigger a return of depression iv tried anti depressants and didn't get on with them some people do I tend to although I feel very low let it run its course which whilst I'm feeling depressed it still allows me to feel some improvements which hopefully help me to pull my self up I don't want to give the idea that I don't understand what depths depression can take you to because ive been there but iv always come out of it and I hope you will too see your doc don't be ashamed of asking for help some problems in our lives we need help shifting as they seem to much for us when we seem alone which this site shows we are not here's hoping life improves for you il keep an eye out for you when you post good look to you. Mel

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