Bad day

Hi all,

Feeling so rough today been fine the last few days been spending time with family. Woke up this morning feeling sick and have felt sick all day long now worrying that I'm seriously ill then worrying ill have another panic attack. Called docs to beg them to see me before the 7th jan and got told by the receptionist if its that bad go to a&e how lovely of her, called another surgery to join them and they are not taking on anyone new until the new year. Just feel like I'm going round in circles been so ill on and off for the last month. Haven't been sleeping great lots of aches and pains & nausea & I normally love Xmas now I couldn't give a stuff :( sorry to be a bah humbug

Love Chlo x x

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  • Chloe86, I would try the doctors again and say that you would like to see the doctor as soon as possible. explain that you are feeling very nervous, panicky and that you wish to talk to the dr about your symptoms. Sounds like you are really anxious and would the doctor prescribe you any medication to tide you over xmas/NY. It does take a while for the meds to kick in but bear with them, because they will help. I could not give a toss about xmas and I cannot wait for it to pass and roll on 2013! Love LizM40

  • Aw hun, im sorry to hear your going thro a tough time. Your certainly not alone.

    It will help if your around people, I find it reassuring and it takes my mind off it.

    Please try to relax when it comes to your health worries, I used to suffer physical pain and even now if I dwell on something too much I start to believe Im actually ill.

    Try to find an activity that relax's you, reading a book, listening to classic music..... this website helps me a lot to know i'm not alone.

    With sleep, try and drink some chamomile tea and mayb put ur headphones in to help drift off.

    I hope you start to have better days soon. x x

  • Angel thank you so much for that advice will try that! This site is really helping me at the moment & even more to know I'm not alone thank you so much xx

  • Angel thank you so much for that advice will try that! This site is really helping me at the moment & even more to know I'm not alone thank you so much xx

  • Hi Liz, I said that to them and still didnt get no where which is why she told me to go to a&e!! No wonder why I feel like I'm hitting a brick wall. Roll on 2013 love Chlo xx

  • Try stay calm, take deep breathe and make a cup tea and if your sick sound like a norovirus which is spreading around here, if its not then it could be that ur anxiety caused it but don't pay attention to it, go run yourself a hot bath and think all good thoughts like being with family for Xmas, yummy Xmas foods, presents and write bad thoughts on the paper once its done and chuck them in the bins then breathe again and make a other cup of tea or herbal tea hun! Stay strong and sending you hugs xx

  • Chamomile tea help me a lot before go to bed! Work wonders! Get then from online called tea pig or Waitrose shop as other shop don't sell the best real chamomile flower tea as its only Waitrose sell either online!! Remmonded you to drink it 1 hour before bed and let me know how it goes! Xx

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