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Morning :-)

Hi all I really don't know y I've been a wake since six but at least I haven't had another silly nightmare. It's p###ing it down of rain and silly me forget to get the washing in last night.

I popped downstairs to get me some pop and my little kitten that I named rolo after all got straight up and over to me. That kitten really does think I'm his mother. Where ever I am he's there and he's only been here just over a wk bless him. Hope u all have a anxious free day xx

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Hope that you have a good day and that little kitty continues to look after his 'Mum'. xxxx


Hi Donna

Glad to hear you didn't have any nightmares, althought I'd take nightmares over palps any day mind you.

Hope you have a nice day !




I got a lot of palpitations at one point, I only notice them now wen I pay them attention. Xx


You're spot on Donna, I never stop going on about them, maybe if I just paid them no attention they would go away lol. Xx


Definitely it's took me 12 mths not to pay them attention lol x


Morning donna

O dear leaving washing out , I would have had to go out in the rain even if it was the middle of the night & fetched it in , then I would have had to wash it all again :o

Thats my OCD for you :o

I can tell your kitten is settling in :-/

Hope you have a good day





Hello whywhy the washing was totally forgot about. It's gone back in the washer and is now on the line again as its sunny again :-) just making a cup of tea at my mom's then gotta go fetch my sons friend. Then off back home to change the washing ova xxx hope ur having a good day xxx


O donna you are as bad as me then , I no so many that wouldnt have washed it again & look at me gone out when I say I would have to , which on an odd occasion when its happened to me , thats what I have had to do

Not sure what my day is like yet , but no I have loads to do & I best start getting on with it :D



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