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How i am getting on and help

Hey Everyone, sorry i haven't posted for a while i have been away camping for a week but so much has happened that i would love to share with you all. Firstly i got reply from the counselling service and i have my first appointment at the beginning of September, very much relieved that i have this appointment so that i can start sorting myself out and that i can control and maybe in time reduce my anxiety. This comes at a perfect time really for me where i am struggling to control my panics,.... last week was pretty stressful at times because i was responsible for a group of children for the week and i broke down by the monday and have a panic. My boyfriend mike was there at my side along with my dad to calm me down and to make sure i have everything i need. They said i should of told them if i was feeling like this and for the rest of the week i was absolutely fine and had a great time with the children.

But going back to the counselling i am more relieved that i have finally an appointment. I had a bad summer last year with life at home and my health took a bad turn also with my stress levels and getting a form of psoriasis aswell. However, i keep getting flashbacks from certain events over the summer still even no typing this to you all makes it painful for me ..... my family understand because they went through it with me and it seems they have moved on but i am struggling to move on from it and it makes me even more frustrated. I am doing well at uni, i have most amazing parents, brilliant friends and the most wonderful boyfriend i can possibly wish for yet i feel it is difficult to move on and i don't know why..... lets just hope the counselling helps me bring closure.... do you think it will ??

Also i have the doctors tomorrow, abit anxious about that if i am honest even though i dont have a reason to be..... i just want it to stop now :(

CS19 x

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It can be really hard to let go & move on especially when something in life happens to us that relates to our anxiety

I am sure counselling will help you work through this & you will slowly move forward

Try not to fear the fact you are struggling at the moment as this will just add to the anxiety & then it can be like a vicious circle

Accept it for now , the more we can the less control it has over us , I no its not easy & it does take practice but it can be done :)

I am so pleased you have such a loving supportive family BF , & friends & seems you are coping well with Uni which is a credit to you as having anxiety & health problems we have more than others to deal with , so I hope you feel proud of yourself :)

I hope you will let us no how the counselling goes & good luck





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