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How do i get on that plane

Hi everybody, i am British but have lived in Hamburg for 22 years. I have suffered from panic attacks sporadically for at least 18 years. In April 2011 i got an attack which lasted over 10 days. I was hospitalised for 7 weeks and given diazepam and lyrica. Which i still take. I have been ok but not a day goes by where i don't think about my anxiety. On One of my better days i booked a flight home and now on wednesday i have to get on that plane. I want to get on that plane. But since last week i have had diarrhoria and started having panic attacks again. On the one hand i want to cancel but i know if i cancel i will probably Never be able to get home again.i always get the feeling i am letting everyone down. What should i do. Bye for now

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I sympathise with you so much, a really helpful person on this site recommended drinking a lot of chamomile tea before your flight, I have been given diazepam for my upcoming flight but like you I am getting in a right state about getting on the plane and being away from home. Can you try to say to yourself that the anxiety won't win and to beat it you will get on the plane, use the feeling of beating the anxiety push you forward instead of holding you back? I really hope you make it home, keep us posted. X


hello, it seems you are panicking again, i am scared of flying but when i have to i just get on with it. drink chamomile and take some bags into the plane and ask for warm water to be able to drink it on the plae. don't eat or drink anything that trigger anxiety on the day of flying, ie: chocolate, biscuits, fried food, caffeine. have some banans, almonds, porridge slowly slowly and just keep in your mind that the flight is not that far and you can do it.

before bording distract yourself by browsing the duty free and reading, on the plane just forget and stick music into your ears.

i hope this will help and please let me know how you doing!!

hugs xx


Hi Rourie, I just wondered what you do to help yourself just get on with the flying? I am due to fly in 30 days and it is starting to consume all of my thoughts, I would love to feel like I was just getting on with it without getting myself more anxious than I already am. X


hello dear, i do avoid planes as much as i can, and don't take long distance, but when i go to the airport i just browse the duty free, always good to take my mind off things, time will go quickly, when i am boarding i get busy with checking out people to keep my mind off the flight, now when the flight is preparing to take off i watch those stewardess doing the safety signs, so i pretend like i care :) you know i found a trick if i lift up my feet from the floor i don't feel the vibration much, because the plane is moving and your feet on the floor you can feel everything but one time by mistake i took them off and actually found is a bit better to not feel the vibration, i kept them off all the flight, actually i just put my feet under me and i was ok, i get hold of someone to chat to, as long as that person make me laugh I am ok. the take off scares me always but as soon as i am in the air i am ok if my mind is busy. when is landing, i am kinda of ok, cz i know that the plane is not that far from the ground.

whatever works for you hun :) you need to try news things, take into consideration the above food advice, is always good!!



I would recommend writing down all the steps you will have to go through to board the plane and slowly think them through one by one.Visualize each step slowly and imagine yourself doing each act in your mind.After each step think of the reward you will receive when you see your family and friends after the flight.I believe that wing walking has now been outlawed and traveling inside the plane is the safest mode of transport on the planet!Lol.Good luck and bon voyage.


I do agree with Bart7777 advise. I am extremely scared to use plains as well...but hope one day will be able to :)

Let us know about your experience on the plane...

Have a safe flight :)


Hi Joraha

I burst in tears when I read your post.why?for the last15 years I ve been living in England and going back to my country on holiday to see my family 3/4 times/year.even though I always been anxious most of the time I use to take some tablets to relax(actually to sleep)during the journey.last year I was feeling more relaxed and I didn t take the usual dose cause I thought I would be fine.but before the plane was taking off I had a massive panick attack and I begged the Stuart to open the door and let me off.i was ashamed but I just wanted to get off.they let me off eventually and stayed one week on heavy tablets till my mum decided to fly back in England with me.At least I came back to London,to my fiancée my job and my house.Since then I ve been very agorophobic,I m making progresses now and I m a bit more positive.Cbt is helping me a lot but has been a year now that I haven t been in my country.my mum comes to visit me time to time.i m now back on public transports but I don t know when and if I will be ready to get on a plane again.I suppose one day I will be back to my country when I will feel ready and brave enough.sorry if maybe I don t have positive suggestions for you but I just wanted to share my story with you.you are not alone.and it s a relief for me there s another person with my same issue.I really hope you will get on that plane...and if you do it maybe one day I will manage as well.big hugs :-)


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