Ive been given some anti biotics to take from my dentist, there was a problem with the tooth that needed tbe root canal, thought it was finally sorted until he gave me prescription yesterday, if I dont take them theres a possibity I could get an abcess and end up losing the tooth but hate taking them as I get bad stomach, really dont need that right now , as I have job interview on Thursday obviously dont want to be rushing to loo evrry 2 minutes lol will be nervous enough anyway not sure what to do also hope this swelling will have gone by tben, feel like a walking diisaster lol

Mimii xx


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14 Replies

  • Hi mimii

    Ugh! Root canal & antibiotics, you poor thing :-(

    If I was you I'd go to the chemist. Take your tablets with you & have a word with the pharmacist. They should know if there's something you can take with them to settle your stomach, even if it's just for your interview. I really wouldn't want to risk the pain of an abscess.

    And I'm sure the swellings will go down soon, bet you still look gorgeous :-p

    Take care


  • Thanks thoomson, yes I look absolutely stunning lol,!!!!!!

    Yes think Im going to take them now, the abcess option is worse!!

    glad the first session of cbt went well, how was last night with the no reassuring, that must have been difficult for you x

    Mimii. :)

  • Sorry spelt name wrong !!

  • no problem, quite like thoomson lol


  • Actually it was ok, though my tongues a bit sore this morning with all that biting :-p

    I went to bed last night while she was still awake & all was quiet! Think the early start yesterday had lots to do with that ;-)

    I have told her I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't absolutely convinced it's the best thing for her.

    Thanks for asking :)


  • Thats good news thomson :)


  • Yep, a good start at least :)


  • Thats great, maybe you could get her up early every day see if that helps, will she be going back to school in september ?

    Mimii x

  • Yes, he told her she's got to get up same time every morning. Thought I'd leave it this morning, one step at a time lol. The aim is for her to go back then yes


  • When I got back from dentist yesterday my daughter was still asleep in bed so missed ber appt, if Im not there constantly trying to wake her up she just doesnt get up lol, going to be a struggle come september shes starting a new college course, will need to be up early to get the bus !

    Mimii x

  • Morning mimii

    I didnt no you were still having problems with your tooth :(

    Now I no you wanted to save it & I no as I have had one an abcess under your tooth is very painful indeed , yet antibiotics would cure that , so if it were me I would be taking them rather than risk the pain I might get , because if you ended up in pain you may not make that interview any way

    Now I am taking antibiotics & yes they make you feel rubbish , well they do me & they mess with your stomach , & if they do you could take Imodium plus , they should stop the runs , just while you get through this interview

    I am sure they are safe to take with antibiotics , just ask the chemist , but that would do the trick & you would save your tooth & have no pain at the same time as going to your interview , which I wish you good luck with :)

    Dont no if this is any help




  • Thanks whywhy,yes had to have 3 appointments didnt want to bore you though lol thats true if I get abcess would be worse pain and I can take something for stomach, will check my med supplies!

    Sounds so simple why couldnt I think of that lol whywhy your a genius !!! Thanks very much :)

    Mimii xxx

  • You wouldnt have bored us mimii

    Maybe as I have had to take that many antibiotics with this on going infection , I just worked it out , had to come up with something as its been nearly 11 years of taking the flipping things , I am sure it will work though ;)

    Fingers crossed for your interview :)


  • Thanks, hope I can get there on time, got to drive through rush hour traffic first thing that will be fun lol

    How you feeling today bit better I hope :)

    Mimii xx

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